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On Mondays, one of our doctors goes to PetCo on Monroe St. to offer a wellness clinic from 5:30-7:30pm. This is not for ill pets; it is only for wellness visits and vaccines. Please arrive prior to 5:30 pm. Due to the limited number of animals seen, be prepared to wait over an hour to receive a quick vaccination visit.

As a walk-in clinic, the Healthy Pet Wellness Clinic provides a completely different level of service and pet care than provided by SylvaniaVET. There is no scale to monitor and track an animal’s weight. We also do not have the time to provide the full level of wellness care, examinations and consultations to which SylvaniaVET clients are accustomed.

The vaccine protocol followed at the Wellness Clinic also differs from that recommended by SylvaniaVET. We recognize that some families need less expensive vaccination visits. The Healthy Pet Wellness Clinic provides this service so that all animals can be protected.

The wellness clinic is another way that we try hard to be community minded. However, recognize that you are sacrificing a far more complete, personal and thorough visit to save money. We think a visit to SylvaniaVET as a regularly scheduled appointment is a bargain even it if costs more than the wellness clinic.

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