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A vacation for your pet! SylvaniaVET offers state-of-the-art accommodations for your pet while you are away.

The dog and cat boarding facilities are in completely separate parts of the building. Boarding dogs and cats never mix with hospital patients. The exception is a guest that requires medical attention while in our care. Pets with problems like kidney failure, diabetes, and seizures can be admitted as boarding medical care. These pets receive the same supervision as all of our medical-surgical patients. No other area boarding facility can provide this level of care. Extra fees may apply for boarding medical care.

All boarding guests and Never Home Alone pets must have a reservation, proof of current vaccines and a negative fecal. They also must be free of fleas and ticks.

Dog Boarding

IMG_3147Dog boarding has its own kitchen/food preparations area. We do not charge extra for feeding special diets or giving daily medications.

Each dog boarding guest has its own cubby for medications, treats and special diets. Dogs are all housed in an indoor run. They are not placed in a small cage. The boarding area has central air for the warm months and radiant heat floors during the cold months to increase comfort.

Our dog runs come in a variety of sizes to accommodate larger or multiple pets.

We offer:

  • Full (15sq. ft.)
  • Queen (20sq. ft.)
  • Super (28sq. ft.)
  • King (30sq. ft.)

We have a secure fenced-in out dooryard where the dogs are walked and played with at least 5 times a day. With someone in the building 24/7, they are constantly supervised. Dogs are walked in the evening at about 10:00 pm to try and match the last call trip outside before the family goes to bed.

Each animal is closely observed, petted and handled daily. We provide your pet with bedding, food and bowls. All bedding and dishes are washed and rinsed daily.

Boarding Optional Add-ons

Daily Spruce Up - (tooth brushing, eye and ear cleaning, brushing and superficial massage);

Spa Time - in our hydrotherapy unit;

Doggie Daycare - (with prior interview);

Daily treats - Kongs filled with peanut butter or canned cheese, frozen healthy snacks and others are available for purchase.

Cat Boarding

IMG_3060Our cat boarding area is a “home away from home”.

We have everything needed to care for our feline boarders, including a kitchenette and cages for our guests with physical limitations. Each specially designed 72,000 cubic inch Cataminium offers a multi-level sleeping/exercise area with a window view. Each living space can accommodate up to 3 cats from the same family.

Each Cataminium has a separate ventilated compartment for the litter box so guests don’t have to sleep near their box.

The window view from each Cataminium features our butterfly/bird garden. This is a great and necessary form of enrichment that lessens the stress for our boarding guests. Each cat is weighed, lightly brushed and given free individual roaming time outside of their Cataminium. Cats are interacted with on a daily basis by our volunteer pet pals and staff. Litter boxes are changed whenever found dirty, at least once daily. All food and water dishes are washed and rinsed each day. There is no extra charge for feeding special diets and giving medication to our guests.

Odor and disease control are particularly important at SylvaniaVET. Our specially designed HVAC system features up to 12 air replacement exchanges per hour. A sophisticated heat exchanger system recovers 75% of the heated or cooled air so we are also environmentally friendly as well. Kennel air is passed through two HEPA filters for disease control and two charcoal filters for odor control.

More Information and Services

All overnight boarding pets receive a complimentary professional exam by our Registered Veterinary Technicians. Our boarders are fed Hill's Science Diet Sensitive Stomach food.  However, we will feed any diet that you provide. We suggest you provide portion control portions so we feed an amount your pet is accustomed too. Special diets and/or medications are given at no extra charge when provided by the owner. If you have any other special needs or requests please just ask when you call for reservations.

In addition to overnight boarding we offer our Never Home Alone program. This is our “pet sitting” service, ideal for families that have a puppy or kitten that shouldn’t be home alone all day. Other reasons to use this service may be an adult dog with too much energy to be quiet all day, pets with separation anxiety, older dogs that just can’t go all day anymore without making a mistake, post-surgical cases and frequent dose medical care. We will feed the pet, give it a mid-day snack, take it outside, administer medications if necessary, and give it attention and exercise. Never Home Alone offers a special daily rate for up to a 10 hour stay.

Should any medical care be necessary, it will be given at the owner’s expense. Every effort will be made to contact the owner before any treatment is started. For this reason it is important to leave emergency contact information with our staff.

It is not unusual for boarding to fill up months in advance during peak periods, so make sure you call for reservations as early as possible.

Stop in anytime the hospital is open and have a look around. We are so proud of our facility and the staff that we are willing to give you a tour anytime.

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