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A great dog starts with early behavior guidance, socialization and obedience classes. SylvaniaVET offers services that meet all these needs. This is another aspect of SylvaniaVET being your “Pet Care Destination”.

On January 12, 2004, we proudly opened our Canine Learning Center which offers Doggie Daycare, Obedience, puppy development and soon kitten kindergarten classes. The space is also the meeting place for local animal organizations and hospital staff meetings.

Doggie Daycare

Daycare is an enjoyable, recreational and educational experience for dogs. Rather than leaving your dog at home all day while you work or attend other activities, we recommend daycare. You will be happier and feel less guilty and your dog will definitely have a better time than being home alone all day. Even if your dog has a companion at home, most dogs do not get enough exercise. Daycare solves all these potential problems by allowing them to romp and play hard in a supervised area.

Your home will not suffer from the effects of canine boredom or separation anxiety. Going to daycare will also help your dog develop independence when you are away which will lessen the possibility of them developing separation anxiety. Daycare will enhance the bond you have with your pet. It is a great way to exercise and entertain your dog while you work, shop or spend the day away. Enjoy the benefits of a happy, relaxed dog when you get home. If your dog is scheduled for grooming or a doctor’s appointment, why not treat him to some playtime in daycare before his appointment in the grooming salon or with the doctor?

Dogs enjoy the climate controlled indoor playroom with special non-slip rubber flooring. Our inspection of other daycares in the area indicates they all have slippery surface concrete floors. This is potentially dangerous for your dog. There is a spacious fenced outdoor play yard with a pea gravel surface. Both indoor and outdoor play areas have lots of toys, balls and structures to make a day at daycare a fun canine experience.

Our well trained staff is always directly involved in each area. This constant supervision means we can head off conflict, stop overly rambunctious play and safely allow dogs of all sizes to co-mingle and play together. Time out space is provided for a dog that just needs to settle down or doesn’t feel like playing at the moment.

A typical day includes play with other dogs as well as toys and an agility hide-and-seek apparatus. They are always supervised and get plenty of individual love and attention from our caring staff. For naps and private time there are dog crates and comfortable beds. Three snack times occur throughout the day. You may bring your dogs special treats if you wish or it can have ours.

Dogs must complete an acceptance interview with their owner before attending daycare. Applications may be filled out in advance, but an appointment must be scheduled for the interview. This interview is free of charge and takes approximately 15 minutes for a discussion with a daycare staff member and 60 minutes of supervised interaction with existing daycare dogs. Pre-approved dogs scheduled for boarding or the Never Home Alone program (see our Boarding Page ) may also book time in daycare during their stay.

Application Form (PDF)

Talk to Tabitha in daycare for what you need.

Daycare hours are:

Monday – Friday – 7:30 am to 6:00 pm
Saturday – 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.

We ask that all daycare be scheduled in advance, as we fill up fast and space is limited. Usually 24 hours is sufficient notice.

Fees are charged at hourly, daily or weekly rates. We have special rates for boarding guests, multiple dogs from the same family and a punch card program.

Puppy Pre-School

Get off to the best start with this great foundation and socialization class for puppies 4 months of age or younger. We will help you navigate through the joys of potty training and stopping play biting. We will teach you how to get your puppies to fetch, sit, lay down, stay, leave it, and more. The class will help your puppy start to learn manners like not jumping, shaking hands, and walking on a leash. We will have all the puppies come when called from across the room.

-The fee for class is $135 for 5 weekly 60 minute classes.

Family Dog Fundamentals

For dogs older than 5 months of age. The objective of class is to strengthen the relationship that you have with your dog. We will cover sit, down, stay, come, leash walking, leave it, and fetch. We will also discuss specific problem behaviors you may be having such as jumping, digging and more. If you are looking for something to improve you dog's obedience, or looking to get in tune with your dog, or if you just want something fun to do with your dog, then this is a great class for you.

-The fee for class is $135 for 5 weekly 60 minute classes.

If you are interested in participating in any of these classes, stop by our office and ask for a registration form!

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