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4801 N. Holland-Sylvania Rd | Sylvania OH 43560
p. 419.885.4421 | f. 419.885.0244 | e. info@sylvaniavet.com

April 2015 FYI For Pet's Sake



One of only three area hospitals ever inspected for quality and meeting standards of the profession!

Remember to give your pet is monthly preventive medication!

Vaccinating Dogs Against CIV

LATE LAST MONTH WE WERE INFORMED THAT THERE IS AN OUTBREAK OF CANINE INFLUENZA VIRUS IN CHICAGO. With the amount of travel to and from the windy city we are mildly concerned that someone could bring this very serious virus back to NW Ohio. This underlines the importance of our new emphasis on vaccinating all dogs against CIV. Some clients have declined this vaccine when suggested at our six month visit. However, we encourage you to accept the recommendation and have your dog vaccinated against CIV. See more details on our new vaccine protocol later in this blog.

Easter Hours

EASTER IS EARLY THIS YEAR, APRIL 5th. Of course we will be staffed 24/7 on Easter Sunday and Dr. Ray will be on call. This is a service that sets SylvaniaVET apart from all other area vets. No other general practice staffs their building 24/7 and has a doctor on call. We are proud to have offered 24 hour emergency care since 1974 and in hospital overnight and weekend staffing since about 1985. This 24/7 availability is one of the aspects of our exceptional care that has enabled us to be voted the area’s BEST VET for 8 consecutive years. Have a great Easter and know that we are here for our clients if an emergency strikes.

Congrats to Dr. Bob

ON MARCH 20th DR. BOB HAD TWO SIGNIFICANT EVENTS TO CELEBRATE. It was the two year anniversary of his triple cardiac by-pass and carotid artery surgery at Toledo Hospital. “I feel great and am humbled that people are still asking me how I feel and how I am doing. I feel great and am doing great,” he responds. That evening the Sylvania Chamber of Commerce awarded him the business man of the year award. “Being honored for being part of such a great community is truly awesome,” Dr. Bob commented.

Toledo Parent

VOTING IN THE TOLEDO PARENT NEWS FOR BEST VET IS ON-GOING. You all know how much we like to win so please click on www.toledoparent.com and vote for SylvaniaVET for best vet and animal encounters. It only takes a few minutes. Have everyone in the family vote.

SylvaniaVET App

WE ARE LOOKING AT ADDING A SYLVANIAVET APP FOR ALL OWNERS OF SMART PHONES. The initial concept will enable you to request us to contactyou to schedule an appointment, boarding reservation, grooming time or a medication refill. Of course the app would take you to our website, www.sylvaniavet.com, and other nice features. As we consider this modern innovation we would value your input on features and whether you would use the app. Please send your comments to heather@sylvaniavet.com.

Blood Pressure Testing

YES VIRGINIA, CATS AND DOGS HAVE BLOOD PRESSURE AND IT SHOULD BE TESTED. As our pet’s age they can develop elevated blood pressure secondary to a variety of conditions associated with aging. Heart murmurs leading to congestive heart failure, kidney insufficiency, urinary incontinence medication and other conditions will cause us to recommend blood pressure testing. We use a Park Doppler to do the blood pressure testing. If a dog or cats BP is over 140 treatment will be considered.

State Inspections

RECENTLY WE TALKED WITH THE OHIO VET BOARD ABOUT STATE INSPECTIONS OF VETERINARY HOSPITALS. We were surprised to have our many times stated that the State of Ohio provides little to no standard compliance inspections to veterinary practices verified. A member of the OVMLB staff informed us that in 2014 a few random inspections were completed by the board. Last year was the first year that random inspections were ever scheduled. There are about 1,000 vet practices in Ohio and the board accomplished 11 inspections for the States minimal standards. By contrast our AAHA membership requires we meet over 900 standards and we are inspected every three years. Any advice from our loyal clients on how to educate non-clients about this and the many other special features of SylvaniaVET would be appreciated. Send it to drbob@sylvaniavet.com.

Local Businesses

TWO LOCAL BUSINESSES PROVIDE US WITH GREAT SERVICE FOR TWO HIGH PROFILES SERVICES. Every week we get a delivery of fresh flowers for the front desk. This added feature adds a touch of cheeriness to the reception area every week. The area’s Best florist Bartz Viviano provides new arrangements every Monday. They are consistently fresh and beautiful. Our on hold messages are produced by Business Voice a local advertising company. They do a great job helping spread the word about SylvaniaVET activities while you are on hold. Speaking of the phone we would like to know if when you call it rings more than three times and hopefully no more than five. If this happens please mention it when we answer. Like keeping appointments on time we want to answer the phone promptly. When asked if it is ok to be put on hold we don’t want to hear that you had to listen to the messages more than once. Actually, we expect you should never be on hold for more that 3.5 minutes. Again, if your wait is longer please tell the person helping you so we can do a better job the next time.

Let Us Know How We Are Doing

ENDORSEMENTS ON CRAIGS LIST, YAHOO, YELLOW PAGES.COM, ANGIES LIST AND ELSEWHERE ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED. If you have the time please take a few minutes to post a positive message about your experience at SylvaniaVET. On the other side, if you have a complaint please call immediately and ask for Stefanie or Dr. Bob. We take constructive comments about our service and care very seriously and promptly. One cannot be the best if they do not endorse our short comings.

Vaccine Protocol

RECENTLY, WE SPLIT OUR ADULT DOG VACCINE PROTOCOL INTO TWO PARTS, SPACED SIX MONTHS APART. This was done to lessen the number of vaccines each adult dog would receive at each visit. It was also done so that we could easily introduce to you the importance of each and every dog receiving vaccine for Canine Influenza Virus. We want our canine patients protected, should this devastating virus explode into NW Ohio. If the disease infects the area it is too late to get vaccine protection for your pet. We also determined that at the six month visit we would modify the Bordetella vaccine routinely given at the six month tech visit. New information on protecting dogs against the most common infection we can protect against determined that using both intranasal vaccine once a year and then giving Injectable Bordetella once a year was the best way to protect all our patients against Canine Cough. The six month tech visit is critical to a fully protected dog against all the disease we consider important to our patients. When you make your six month vaccine visit please be prepared for your dog to receive our new six month portion of our annual wellness protocol. Both CIV and Inj Bordetella must receive a second shot 3-4 weeks after the first then annually thereafter.

FYI on a vaccine some area practices are using against Bordetella seems appropriate. One manufacturer has developed an oral vaccine. From talk within the profession and other area vets it is proving to not be effective. A Microbiology PhD from OSU has written an extensive paper rendering the oral vaccine as ineffective. We have heard that some area practices that have used this vaccine have experienced out breaks of Bordetella induced Canine Cough. It is important to note that not all coughing is due to Bordetella as there are at least six other organisms that can cause or contribute to contagious canine cough.

Animal Pain Management

IT SEEMS THAT THE STATEMENT “ANIMALS FEEL PAIN” SHOULD BE PART OF THE COMMON KNOWLEDGE IN 2015. However, there are still professionals and lay persons alike that believe the opposite to be true. Or they say pain causes the animal to take it easy so they can heal. Yes, we agree, that is just plain ignorant. Pain and the stress associated actually slows down recovery and healing. SylvaniaVET is a strong advocate of what is called the multimodal approach to pain prevention and control. It is known that it is easier to prevent pain rather than try to suppress it once the pet hurts. Therefore, all surgical cases receive premeds, anesthesia meds and post surgical pain management medications. We have just added two additional steps to our already extensive pain management protocol. All dogs that are being anesthetized have an iv catheter inserted for the administration of medications and fluids. Fifteen minutes before the catheter placement we apply a penetrating topical anesthetic to the shaved catheter site which decreases the pain of the insertion of the catheter. We have learned that some area practices actually do a “cut down” on the catheter site. This is an unnecessary and invasive step that is in almost every case inappropriate. When a pet requires dental extractions we have always used nerve blocks, just like the dentist does for us, to provide additional pain control from painful extractions. We have now added a narcotic to the local block which gives stronger and longer post procedure pain control. At the end of any surgery involving a skin incision the surgeon will now inject the region with lidocaine, a local anesthetic. Male dogs and cats will have a local anesthetic injected into the anesthetized pet’s testicle which will provide pain control far up the cut spermatic cord. SYLVANIAVET ISTAKING SURGICAL AND DENTAL PAIN MANAGEMENT TO ANOTHER LEVEL.



  • DYK…An Okapi, whatever that is, has a blue tongue and is the only animal that can clean its ears with its tongue. (The first person to tell drbob@sylvaniavet.com what an Okapi and what group of animal it is part of will receive a surprise coupon).
  • DYK…A camel spits 8 feet.
  • DYK… Stink bugs can carry roundworms. Another reason to do a minimums of once yearly stool checks, (we recommend two yearly fecal exams).
  • DYK…That the words used to describe pet foods as premium or super premium or holistic do not have a legal definition and are strictly marketing terms. That natural and organic as applied to pet foods do have legal definitions.
  • DYK… That puppy and kitten vaccines should not be completed before 16 weeks of age.
  • DYK… That dogs, cats and guinea pigs gestation is 63 days. That dogs eggs are not ready for sperm for 24 hours after ovulation and cats don’t ovulate until they are bred (induced ovulation).
  • DYK…Seasonal shedding is regulated by the changes in light not the changes in temperature.
  • DYK… For maximum tartar control you must brush your pet’s teeth every 48 hours (we recommend every day).
  • DYK… How horses stay warm when outside in extremely cold temperatures? When they eat hay it has to be broken down in the intestinal cecum by fermentation. The heat produced by fermentation produces heat which helps keep the horse warm. Interestingly, the poorer quality the hay the more fermentation it takes to break it down and the more heat that is generated. One might say, horses have a central heating system.
  • DYK… That according to the BBB that every dollar that is donated to the Toledo humane society 79% is used for programs, 7% is used for administration and 14% is used for fund raising. By comparison the Toledo museum of art the percentages are 82 %, 3 % and 5 % in each respective category. In all fairness the museum has a VERY large endowment.
  • DYK… That SylvaniaVET has nearly 30 employees on its hospital health plan. We are proud to be able to make affordable health care available to our valuable employees.

Dr. Bob’s TV Appearance on Better Living

DR BOB HAS BEEN ASKED TO BE A REGULAR ON BETTER LIVING A DAILY SHOW HOSTED BY CHARITY FREEMAN ON TV24 WNWO AT 11AM. He will be on air every other Friday talking about and demonstrating useful information for pet lovers. We encourage you to tune. Feel free to suggest topics for future shows to drbob@sylvaniavet.com. He is also a semi-regular on the Glass City Grind, aired at 6:30 AM on WNWO. Hook up that DVR if you are not home or not up at either broadcast time. We will try to post each session on SylvaniaVET Facebook page and on the website.

Feline Interstitial Cystis

FELINE INTERSTITIAL CYSTIS IS A STERILE INFLAMMATION OF THE BLADDER THAT HAS SEVERAL CONTRIBUTING CAUSES. Clinical signs for FIC are multiple small urinations, straining to urinate, increased licking of penis/vulva and many times, blood in urine. Highly concentrated urine from the cat not consuming enough water is major factor. Food containing too many minerals, particularly calcium and magnesium also contributes. Infection is rarely involved. The main contributor to the development of FIC is stress the cat is experiencing. Adding canned food to the cat’s diet increases water consumption. One diet has been designed by Hills that accomplishes restriction of offending minerals and provides stress management. Hills C/D Multicare Urinary Stress has show to reduce the recurrence of FIC signs by 89%.


TRIFEXIS IS A HIGH QUALITY HEARTWORM AND FLEA CONTROL PRODUCT THAT WE RECOMMEND AND SELL TO OUR DOG OWNING CLIENTS. Numerous internet posts have made unsubstantiated claims about deaths in dogs that have been given Trifexis. There are known side effects that are on the product label and include vomiting, diarrhea, and in rare occasions seizures. We do not recommend Trifexis for dogs with a history of seizures. There is no proof that Trifexis causes seizures in dogs with no seizure history or predisposition. It is important to remember that a report to the company which must report to the FDA or directly the FDA does not mean Trifexis caused the event. Neither the FDA or the Elanco, the manufacturer of Trifexis feel the product was the cause of claimed dog deaths. The FDA and Elanco continue to monitor reports involving Trifexis adverse reactions. Over 70 million doses of Trifexis have been sold worldwide. We feel Trifexis is safe and not a health hazard to your dog.

Demand for Apoquel

LAST YEAR’S RELEASE OF APOQUEL BY ZOETIS TO TREAT SEASONAL ALLERGY IN DOGS WAS SUCH A SUCCESS THE COMPANY COULD NOT KEEP UP WITH DEMAND. This resulted in nationwide shortages, rationing and the company telling us to start no new dogs until further notice. By the end of this month it is expected that the strict rationing of Apoquel will lessen as veterinary practices will be receiving additional product. We believe that no longer will dogs that we have started on Apoquel will run short and not be able to refill on demand will end. A limited number of severely allergic dogs that have to be on multiple medications including high doses of cortisone will be able to be started on Apoquel. We think it will be 2016 that supplies will be available for all the pets needing the product.


“SYLVANIAVET IS STAFFED 24/7/365 MEANING YOUR PET IS NEVER ALONE WHEN OUR DOORS ARE CLOSED.” Of course you know this but there are many new clients that do not know that almost all area vet hospitals are not staffed overnight.

MANY OF YOU COMMENTED THAT OUR ON-HOLD MESSAGES WERE OUT OF DATE. We have a new account manger from Business Voice and she and Dr. Bob had a hard time connecting and getting an up to date message produced. It is now current.




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