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4801 N. Holland-Sylvania Rd | Sylvania OH 43560
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July 2015 FYI



Remember to give your pet its monthly heartworm and flea preventives

Survey Results

The survey results are in and we are working to make changes that the survey supported. The changes that the 99 respondents endorsed will not happen immediately but will be implemented as soon as our full staff is up and ready.  Before fall we expect to stay open until at least 8 PM Monday through Thursday. Fifty-one percent of those survey indicated that they would make an appointment until 7:30 PM while another 20% indicated they would like to be seen until 8 PM.  We currently start seeing appointments at 8 AM. Forty-eight percent would like us to see appointments starting at 7 AM. Look for these changes to occur soon.  Half of the respondents felt a 10 minute wait in the reception area was the ideal wait time. Our goal is to meet or exceed this reasonable wait period. Many commented that they understood emergencies and prolonged surgeries can mess up our staying on time. You of course can help by being a couple minutes early for your scheduled appointment. Late arrivals mess up our schedule as much unexpected emergencies. Nearly 75% of those taking the survey recognized that the consultation and exam is the most important part of every wellness visit.  We appreciate all the comments that were made to help us improve our service. After all every client and their pet(s) is the center of our universe. Our goal is to make each and every visit a positive, enjoyable experience for everyone.

Pet Loss Support Group

One of the many and perhaps the least known services we provide is the pet loss support group we sponsor.  Years ago we recognized the tremendous value pets bring to each of us and the pain that accompanies the passing of our four legged family member. The group pet loss sessions were started off site to provide a loving and caring opportunity for pet lovers to get through the grieving process. The Pet Loss Support Group meets the second Tuesday every month at Christ Presbyterian Church from 7-8:30 PM.  The group is headed by a Pet Loss Counselor.  You can learn more on the groups Facebook page and make contact at petlossgroup@aol.com.


It’s contest time for everyone that enjoys a hunt.  What you are hunting for is the location of the four dog watering fountains that SylvaniaVET has sponsored and paid for over the years.  Submit your answers and the phrasing on the acknowledgement plaque for each fountain by August 1 to drbob@sylvaniavet.com. The first person with all the correct answers will win $50 and an equal amount will be donated to our charitable foundation.

Glass City Dog Park

Glass City Dog Park is a big hit. It is located on Anthony Wayne trail near the Toledo Zoo.  New members are welcome. Go to www.glasscitydogpark.org for membership details and costs. We will happily supply you with the necessary vaccination information to complete your application. We strongly recommend a negative stool check before you take your dog to the park as well as a fecal every six months. Heartworm, flea and tick protection is also a must if you are going to use the dog park. There is an unofficial Sylvania dog park at the corner of Brint and Centennial. This large open field is owned by the Hanson Stone Company and so far they have not prevented dog lovers from using their land to run their dogs. We recommend that you pick up your pet’s waste the same as you would in your yard or on a walk. To this purpose we have biodegradable poop bags called Mutt Mitts located outside of our front entrance.

Help the Memories Live on Animal Foundation

Dr Bob has three hp 95 and one hp 94 ink cartridges needed a good home.  He would be happy to give them to someone that can use these HP cartridges for a donation of $50 to the Memories Live on Animal Foundation.  Our foundation is a 501c3 charity so your donation is tax deductible.

Pet Food Myths

Better living’s host, charity freeman, and Dr Bob have been talking about pet food myths his last three appearances.  You can see all his Better Living segments as they are posted on the website.  We will highlight one of the segments here as there is plenty of confusion about dog food labeled nature, organic and holistic. Natural means a feed is derived solely from plant, animal or minded sources with no chemically synthetic ingredients, except vitamins. We cannot think of many unnatural food products so to label a bag natural is just a marketing ploy. Organic is defined by the government and their rules must be followed for a food to be labeled organic. There are four levels of organic food but for the bag to have an organic label it must be at least 95% organic.  Holistic has no legal definition and is a marketing term which provides no useful value to the food.  Watch Dr. Bob on Better Living every other Friday at 11 AM on WNWO NBC 24. One simple truth about buying food, if the bag does not say who made the food DO NOT BUY IT. Saying manufactured for x company does not tell you who made it. Watch the video below to find out more!

Using Google the Right Way

Google is a great source for a person researching topics of interest. It is not the place to get definitive information as much of what is published is personal opinion and not fact based. We know that you will Google a problem when we have made a diagnosis. If you use this information to ask great questions you are using Google correctly.  Google downloads should not be considered a definitive source for your research. This is particularly true when it comes to pet food ratings. Our website has a great professionally written library that gives quality, science based information about a large number of pet diseases and conditions. Google recently released the most commonly searched questions about dogs and cats in 2014. We have copies of this list and answers from veterinarians. You can see the questions and answers at www.dvm360.com/drgoogle or ask for GOOGLE QUESTIONS.

Growths on Dogs and Cats

Dogs and to a lesser extent cats frequently get lumps and bumps that can be worrisome to the pet owner.  In many cases the growths are not a concern and can be watched. However, it is never a waste of time or money to stick a needle in the growth and get a few cells to help decide if the growth should be removed.  So if we see something we may very well suggest we do something to determine our level of concern. If a growth grows rapidly then doing something sooner rather than later is a wise decision.  We try hard to never assume a new growth on a pet with many other growths is just “another one”. Assessing each growth and knowing what is going on is a great idea. If your pet has numerous growths it might be wise to schedule a drop off appointment to give us the necessary time to properly evaluate each growth.  In hospital cytology on the growth is frequently all we need to do to ID the growth. If we are not certain we many send the slides out, recommend a biopsy or just schedule a removal and histopath analysis. The saying is if the growth is important enough to remove it is important enough to do histiopath. We try to send out all growths we remove.

Pet Health Insurance

The United States pet health insurance business is growing and is expected to reach a billion dollars by 2020. There are at least a dozen pet insurance companies and provide a variety of policies. We encourage pet owners to investigate health insurance for their pet(s). We have had mostly good experiences with all the different policies clients have presented us.





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