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August 2015 FYI



Remember to give your dog and cat its monthly preventive medicine!

IN THIS ISSUE: Algae Bloom, CIV Update, Events, Pet Health Insurance, Pet Loss Support Group and Much More!!


Algae Bloom

Lake Erie algae bloom is on its way.  Actually, by the time this is posted it is expected that we will be experiencing a bloom similar to last years.  Obviously, it is hoped that improvement at the water treatment plants that service most of NW Ohio will have made improvements on how they handle and treat the contaminated lake water.  Dogs and cats are affected by the microcystis in algae the same has humans. That means following the health departments alerts and recommendations for humans should also apply to our pets.  If you take your dog to any area Lake Erie beach during the risk period it is critical that you keep them out of the water. Last year we had one young dog affected by algae ingestion. We were able to save it from very severe liver damage but it took several months to become fully recovered.

CIV Update

We thought the Chicago Canine Influenza outbreak had run its course. However, in a recent report we have found that the Canine Influenza outbreak is now on the rebound. This exact report emphasizes the importance of getting your dogs vaccinated! 

Dog parks and kennels are again open and most of the over 1000 affected dogs have recovered. That is good news but doesn’t change our position on getting all of our patients protected against the H3N8 strain of CIV. If anything the severity of the Chicago outbreak reinforces the need for protection against CIV. Chicago dogs were exposed to a new strain of CIV and we saw what happened. Of the verified cases of Chicago CIV very few were dogs that that had received the H3N8 vaccine giving some indication of cross protection between the two strains. No one can or should say that vaccinating against flu is not necessary. One can never be sure that an outbreak couldn’t happen to NW Ohio. If either strain of the virus comes to our region vaccinating will be too late. In the 80’s there was a severe outbreak of a new disease that rampaged through the dog population. At the time there was no vaccine. Once it was finally developed not all area vets felt it was important or necessary to give the vaccine. Today Parvo Virus is a core vaccine and is given regularly by all area vets.  Let’s hope that CIV is not the new parvo. If it is, our patients will be safer than other dogs with no protection.  That old saying “a stitch in time saves nine” seems to apply in this situation.

Check Your Dog

Not every bump or lump is a wart, but sometimes this viral induced mass is a papilloma.  Warts are contagious and spread between dogs by contact with an infected dogs saliva. Daycare facilities, including ours and dog parks are ideal environments to spread the virus. That is why every dog that comes to our daycare is examined every time they come for a visible wart. We do not know of any other area daycare that takes the time to check each dog every time they are admitted to daycare. One area facility even commented to a client, who now comes to our daycare, that “they don’t have time”. If a dog is found to have a wart we send it home until the wart is removed surgically or it runs its course. Once the wart is gone the dog can return to day care in two weeks.

It is important that you have a stool check done on your daycare playtime dog at least every six months. Our diligent staff will monitor records and collect a sample if the six month due date as arrived.


August 20, 2015: Yappy Hour at Bar 145- 12:00-3:00 PM

September 13, 2015: Pooch Plunge at Sylvania’s Plummer Pool

                Small dogs: 1:00-2:30 PM

                Large dogs: 2:30-4:00 PM

November 20- January 4, 2015 Holiday Giving Tree to Raise Money for Memories Live on Animal Foundation

November 22, 2015: Santa-Pet Pictures- 12:00-4:00 PM

Stay tuned for more events and event updates!!!

Pot Belly Pigs

Pot Belly Pigs make bad pets is a strong statement but one would be wise to consider before making a purchase. Recently, there was an article in The Blade about the many thousands of Pot Belly’s that have been turned into rescues. We have no idea if there is a rescue anywhere near NW Ohio.  These cute piglets grow into big animals and require very special care. Some breeders claim their pigs stay small but that is because their feeding practices starve the animal during it growth period. Very few vets, including SylvaniaVET, will care for a Pot Belly Pig.

Seeking a Dog Trainer

Our dog trainer Doug Ritter is no longer teaching classes at SylvaniaVET. We wish Doug good fortune in these future training endeavors. He has a training facility in Dundee where he will be accepting new pets. We are looking to find a new trainer that will continue our goal of offering PAWSATIVE dog training.  If any subscriber to FYI is interested or knows someone that would be interested please contact Tabitha at 419-885-4421.

Pet Health Insurance

Pet health insurance is something every pet owner should consider. There are over a dozen companies that offer pet health insurance. Everyone is different so homework on which is best for you and your pet is necessary. We have a packet of brochures that we have complied to help you get started. Just ask for the insurance packet at the front desk.

Heartworm and Flea Protection

Heartworm and flea protection should be given year round according to the American Heartworm Society and the Companion Animal Parasite Counsel.  If you get into the monthly routine it will be so much easier to remember to give these preventatives.  Once any of the heartworm products are stopped it takes three months for full protection to be reestablished against heartworm.

Canine Blood Shortage

There is a nationwide shortage of canine blood and we experienced it this month ourselves.  Properly screened dogs for the desired blood type and free of blood diseases are not easy to find. Our critical care team members have been depleted by dog owners moving away and retirement of the donor dog. Recently, we got the last available packed red cell unit in the US from a blood bank in California. Dogs can only donate every six weeks. Recently we blood typed six dogs and five came back with an ideal blood type. If their health screen comes back clean our team is replenished and we will have blood for any of our patients in need. We do not sell blood to other practices.

New Shaded Area in Daycare

Tabitha and her daycare crew are very excited that we have added a car port to the outside play yard.  On a hot July day our guests also seem thrilled as they would go for a swim in one of the yards three pools and then lounge in the shade of the new car port. The car port replaces two large umbrellas that were ruined by a sudden high wind rain storm last year.

Checkout Dr Bob on Better Living

Dr Bob’s appearances on Better Living are posted on our website, WWW.SYLVAIAVET.COM. He is becoming a regular on the locally produced show on WNWO at 11 AM daily. Dr Bob is usually on TV24 Fridays with she shows host, Charity Freeman.

Help the Memories Live on Animal Foundation

The Memories Live on Animal Foundation would like your help. To make the Giving Tree a bigger success than last year we would ask any business that is willing to donate gifts or certificates with a value of at least $10 to be used as prizes on the tree. Please contact Amy for more details or send the certificates to Amy along with promo literature from your business so that you might receive recognition. We will post the names of donating business on the website, on a wall in reception and the January FYI. We are working on a big price to culminate the Giving Tree fund raiser that every ticket purchased will be entered.

Pet Loss Support

The loss of a pet is very painful and to help owners deal with their grief SylvaniaVET sponsors a pet loss support group. The group meets from 7-8:30 PM the second Tuesday of each month at Christ Presbyterian Church. You do not need an appointment, just show up. Linda Bell, a trained Pet Loss Counselor mentors the meetings. The group’s motto is “missing our Furbabies”.

Our Gardens

Our front entrance gardens are beautiful, wouldn’t you agree? We have Rich Tice to thank for what he has accomplished in planting and maintain such a gorgeous entry. The cats in boarding that overlook the space are truly enriched looking out their cataminium’s picture window at the birds and plants that make up the garden. THANKS RICH, we have cards if anyone would like to contact Rich, just ask Stefani.

***No one entered the contest last month to id the location of the four dog watering stations that SylvaniaVET has sponsored. We will try one more time. The prize for the winner is $50 plus a $50 donation to the Memories Live on Animal Foundation.



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