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4801 N. Holland-Sylvania Rd | Sylvania OH 43560
p. 419.885.4421 | f. 419.885.0244 | e. info@sylvaniavet.com

September 2015 FYI



                Remember to give your dog and cat their monthly preventive medications


Urgent Visit 

When your pet really needs to be checked out we will do everything possible to get you in ASAP.  An ill or injured pet is something we do not want to have to wait until later in the day. When you call for an appointment we ask you to tell our reception staff your level of concern.  If we offer a later appointment and this doesn’t work for you please feel free to express that fact and say something to the effect, “it needs to be seen soon”.  If you say this we will do all we can to schedule you for an urgent exam. Other avenues to have your pet seen quickly are to call and say you are willing to come in and wait for the next available appointment slot. Finally, you can drop off your pet with a history of why it is being admitted so our treatment doctor or the next available doctor can examine your pet and call you for additional history and treatment recommendations. We never want you to have to go elsewhere or to the local emergency clinics, so please always express your level of concern so that we can accommodate your pet’s needs.

Canine Flu Update

More interesting info on the canine flu virus is coming from Chicago vets and veterinary pharmaceutical representatives.  The incidence of the disease was far greater than has been published. Only a small percentage of cases were reported and there is no one single reporting location to collect data. What we have learned is that if a new virus, either strain as it relates to NW Ohio, enters a region the dog population is a serious risk. In Chicago practices that promote a respiratory disease protocol like what SylvaniaVET recommends, has had far fewer cases of CIV than practices that did not promote a comprehensive vaccine protocol.  Rest assured that our protocol provides maximum protection against the full gamut of respiratory pathogens that can be vaccinated against.

Feline Annuals

A recent veterinary study by Bayer Animal Health indicates that 52% of cat families surveyed that their pets had not been to the vet within the last year.  It’s simple, all cats should be seen at least once annually for the important health exam and appropriate vaccines and stool checks. Our cat friendly practice is here to help you get a reluctant feline safely to and from the office for its check up. ALL CATS NEED ANNUAL CHECK UPS JUST AS OUR DOGS AND OUR FAMILY. PS, we only use the best and safest vaccines to limit any reaction risks.

Staff 24/7

Other area veterinary practices offer boarding services but none of them have overnight staffing for their building.  SylvaniaVET is still the only area boarding facility, including kennels and vet practices that do not leave the building dark and pets alone overnight.  We have also diagnosed dogs boarded at other facilities break with serious respiratory infections. Our state of the art ventilation and dedicated boarding staff limits the chance that one of our guests will develop a contagious respiratory infection. 

Anal Sac Issues

Anal sacs are small balloon shaped parts of a dog and cats rectal area. The sacs are located under the skin at about 5 and 7 o’clock as it relates to the anus. A small duct opens just  inside the anal tissue. The sacs collect a marking scent that is secreted by many small perianal glands.  Anal sac disease is much more common in dogs than cats but occurs in either animal. Infections, impaction and abscesses are most common. Tumors of anal sacs can be very serious. Over filled or impacted glands can cause scooting, excessive licking and possibly constipation. During grooming appointments a good groomer should always express the pet’s glands.  Dogs and cats with chronic anal sac disease can have the sac surgically removed. We have successfully done this procedure many times.

We Wish Katie the Best

We are sad to announce that groomer Katie has left SylvaniaVET.  She was a terrific asset to our grooming department and we wish her well in the future.  Katie was here for almost 5 years, and in her time she has done an excellent job. Katie has decided to pursue a different career path and hopefully get back to doing more art work. She plans to take several weeks off and travel east for relaxation.

New Groomer

We are happy to announce that we have added Teresa Hayman to our grooming staff.  She is a graduate of a local grooming school and is very excited to be meeting our clients and getting to know their pets. She is fitting in well and receives cudo’s from satisfied clients for her great work. We are also looking to add another groomer so that we can reduce the back log of appointments and the long waiting list.

Dog Training

Doug Ritter is no longer providing obedience services at SylvaniaVET.  Doug left us on good terms to devote more time to his training school in Dundee. We will continue to refer dogs that need his style of training to his program.

We have found a new dog obedience trainer to run our Pawsitive Dog Training classes. Jay Barman of Bingo Dog Training will be teaching puppy development and socialization, basic obedience, trick, other classes in SylvaniaVET’s learning center. Jay has worked with classes at several area venues. We hope that if we keep him busy enough SylvaniaVET will be his home and exclusive base. Jay also is vice-president of a rescue organization Pet Bull Project. He has over 13 years of experience teaching dog obedience with a positive instruction philosophy.  Jay’s first SylvaniaVET Pawsitive obedience classes will start with two classes, basic obedience and tricks on Sunday, September 13 at 2:00 PM and 3:30 PM respectively.  Over the years we have had many requests to hold classes on Sunday. We are giving early Sunday afternoon a try so that busy Saturdays can be devoted to chores, errands, and other family duties.  Puppy development and socialization class begins Tuesday, September 15 at 7:00 PM. Classes will meet for five consecutive weeks and will cost $135 per class. You can sign up by phone, or stop in and enroll. You can download an application from our website, www.sylvaniavet.com. You may learn more by calling Jay at 419-885-3080 or his cell 419-290-4370 or you may call the office and ask for Tabitha.

Services We Provide

There are services that we provide but are not high profile.  A few of these services include:

1. Pet Loss Support Group held the second Tuesday of each month from 7-8:30 PM at Christ Presbyterian Church. No other area practice offers this valuable group program to grieving pet owners. Clients and non-clients are welcome to attend. Linda Bell is our trained pet loss counselor. You can learn more at petlossgroup@aol.com.

2. Behavior consultation for misbehaving dogs. Dr. Bob will work with all types of behavior difficulties.  His first step it to triage the pet’s problem and decide if he can help or it needs to be referred to a board certified veterinary behaviorist.  His first recommendation is to work with your dog from day one, take it to puppy and basic obedience classes. He passes on the following from all veterinary behavior societies, “the dog whisperer is not to be followed or his methods used in training your dog”.

 3. Consultation with families looking for a new pet. Helping a family get the right pet for its stage in life is critical to a happy adoption.  We will advise on the questions to ask a breeder and what to look for in the mom and dad.  We will call a breeders veterinarian and learn how they care for the mom and puppies.

 4. Early morning or late night drop off or pickup for pets in the hospital or boarding.  These services must be scheduled. Please call in advance of arrival so that the staff can be ready to let you in. When making the arrangements for this service take the time to complete any paperwork so that all you have to do is sign and drive. Unannounced arrivals are stressful for the staff and you can be better served with a heads up that you are on your way and should arrive in X minutes.  Be sure to use the outside phone to let them know you are at the front door. 

Doggie Daycare

There are lots of area daycare options but none are better, safer or more accessible than SylvaniaVET’s. Our great staff, headed by Tabitha, is full time and interactive members with our daycare guests. They are always “on the floor or outside” with the dogs of all sizes that safely interact and play with one another. They do not have any other cleaning or maintenance responsibilities outside of the daycare facility. The staff is there to control the level of play and prevent dogs from getting too aggressive. Major injuries have never occurred at our Doggie Daycare. We recently heard about a Golden Retriever that was attack by three dogs at another area day care that severely injured the dog and required dozens of stitches and staples.  Dogs that attend our daycare are temperament tested by our experienced staff and are asked to leave if they prove to be too aggressive. Our rubberized floor surface is safe and prevents slipping when dogs run and play. We have never had an injured leg with one of our guests. We check every dog, every time they visit for fleas, ticks and warts.  We just installed a car port to provide a shaded area for the dogs when outside on a hot and sunny day.  Daycare guests benefit from our 24/7 accessibility. Early drop off or late pickup are available at no additional cost. There is never a charge if you are late picking up. In a nut shell our day care is the safest and best place to have your dog attend daycare.  

Better Living

Be sure to watch Dr. Bob on better living every other Friday at 11 am on WNWO, TV 24. He shares pet care advice with the host, Charity Freeman.

AAHA Certified

Most pet owners do not know that the state of Ohio does not require inspection of veterinary practice on a regular schedule.  Until recently, only a practice that had a complaint filed with the state board that required an inspection, were ever inspected.  Last year 11 inspections were performed by the state board and half of them were random and not associated with a complaint. That is a start to improving care for all pets. It is the state board’s plan to increase random inspections. They have decided that AAHA certified practices, like SylvaniaVET, will not have to be inspected by the state.  The standards of AAHA exceed the standards the state will require hospitals they inspect to meet. SylvaniaVET has been inspected and certified since 1978.

Pet and Human Meds

Veterinary medicine has very few antibiotics that were not or are not human products.  This means that products that are highly effective in human infections may not be as effective on dog or cats. A common antibiotic prescribed for humans, Cipro, is only about 20% effective in dog and cats. Cipro is not recommended for use in pets. Recently, Zoetis brought a new veterinary only antibiotic to the profession. Convenia is a two week duration antibiotic injection. It is broad spectrum and is safe and highly effective.  There is no compliance issues with giving all the medicine prescribed. There is no struggle giving oral meds to your dog or cat. It is faster acting and more effective in treating susceptible infections. There are rebates up to $30 for larger dogs receiving Convenia injections. Our experience with Convenia parallels Zoetis research data.  Feel free to ask if a Convenia injection would be appropriate if we prescribe antibiotics for your pet’s condition.

SVH Inventory

We have added new products to our inventory. We hope you appreciate the convenience of our having a stocked pharmacy so that you do not have to go elsewhere to pick up your pet’s medications. Remember, we have the expertise to advise you about medications your pet is taking. Human pharmacists have no training in pet dosing or side effects.

-Dasaquin Plus will be replacing Dasaquin Joint Protective supplement in our pharmacy.  A little history about the joint supplements made by Nutramax Company is informative. Their first product was Cosequin which for veterinary practices was replaced by the upgraded and superior product Dasaquin. Nutramax then took Cosequin to the OTC pet store market and markets the heck out of it. Now that Dasaquin Plus is in our pharmacy as a third generation joint protective Cosequin in now even more outdated.

-Urine Away is a new product that eliminates and destroys the odor causing urine molecule that can destroy carpet, walls and furniture caused by pets making urination mistakes or misbehaving.  We have sold a variety of other products but feel Urine Away is superior to Outright, Natures Miracle and Equalizer. We will be replacing these products with Urine Away, (UA). Stains and odors are eliminated in multiple ways with UA. It bonds and permanently neutralizes malodorous molecules within seconds of application. The molecular structure of UA absorbs and permanently eliminates the odor. We will have literature to further explain the superiority of Urine Away.

-Trazadone is a mood altering drug that has proven beneficial in treating stress, hyperexcitablity and anxiety in dogs. By adding Trazadone to our pharmacy we have another option for dogs that are too active post surgically, have storm anxiety and have fear anxiety when coming for a visit.  We think Trazadone will help with dogs that are stressed during car rides as well.

Join us for Jack's 4th Annual Pooch Plunge

September 13, 2015: Pooch Plunge at Sylvania’s Plummer Pool

                Small dogs: 1:00-2:30 PM

                Large dogs: 2:30-4:00 PM





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