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4801 N. Holland-Sylvania Rd | Sylvania OH 43560
p. 419.885.4421 | f. 419.885.0244 | e. info@sylvaniavet.com

October 2015 FYI For Pet's Sake




Danger of Xylitol

Over the many monthly issues of FYI we have alerted dog owners to the danger of Xylitol artificial sweetener.  The recommendations have most revolved around Orbit sugarless gum and other sugarless foods designed for diabetic patients. It is now being reported that Xylitol is being used in some peanut butter and other nut butter brands. No fewer than five companies add Xyitol to their peanut butters; Go Nuts, Hank’s Protein Plus Peanut Butter, Krush Nutrition, Nuts ‘n More and P28. Many  other products contain Xylitol which tells us we must all read labels for products we buy to be sure it is free of Xyitol. Other names used that mean Xyitol can be confusing, but if you see any name that has the letters xyl we recommend that you do not purchase. Also, anything containing birch bark extract or birch sugar should be avoided. An Oregon veterinarian Dr. Jason Nichols founded a website to alert pet owners about potentially toxic products. We will add a link to our website if you wish to learn more about any product your pet might encounter www.preventivevet.com. Xylitol can cause very serious and possibly fatal toxicity when consumed in even small amounts. The most  common effect of Xyitol to a dog is a sudden and prolonged drop in blood sugar that can lead to seizures. It can also cause acute liver failure. If your dog ingests anything that contains Xyitol you need to call us immediately and come in for an emergency visit! PLEASE DO NOT DELAY IT COULD BE A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH.

Blood Drive

SylvaniaVET and the American Red Cross are teaming up Sunday, October 4 for one of our semi-regular blood drives. If you want to help save lives give us a call at 419-885-4421, and sign up for a time to donate life giving blood. The blood drive runs from 9 pm to 3 pm.

Vote Us Best Vet

Best of voting in Toledo City Paper begins with the second issue of October. Of course we want to continue our string of BEST VET wins again this year. Last year was eight was great… so in 2015 nine will be fine!  We do not take the honor of being voted the “BEST” lightly and greatly appreciate your taking the time to follow the voting rules and of course to vote SylvaniaVET BEST VET.  The easiest way to vote in online at www.toledocitypaper.com once the voting opens later this month.

Sylvania Fall Festival

Sunday, October 18 is the annual Sylvania Fall Festival from 9-3 pm. We encourage you to bring the family and your dogs to enjoy a beautiful fall day in downtown Sylvania. We will have a tent and table with lots of free swag for everyone that stops by. SylvaniaVET will also have a float in the parade. We invite you to join us and feel the thrill of marching down Main Street.  The float will have a Halloween theme, so we encourage you to dress yourself and dog for the parade.  There is usually costume contest with several fun categories. We will have a sign-up sheet at the front desk if you wish to participate in the parade. 

Services We Offer

Last month we listed a few services that SylvaniaVET offers that you may not know about. This month we will list more and remind you about two of our most important pluses.

1. We will provide house call service when our schedule allows. This is mostly a service that is used by clients that wish their aged or ill pet to be euthanized at home rather than being transported to the office. House call visits for routine care or illness are not something that is encouraged. It is very hard to provide quality care on a house call.

2. Memories Live on Animal Foundation is a 501c3 tax deductible organization that has several funds that are all animal related. The funds sponsors a scholarship for an OSU vet student, helps animal rescues by donating funds to help sponsor events, uses the Good Samaritan fund to assist with care of sick or injured strays and provides support to promote the human-animal bond.  The Foundation can receive tax deductible donations for any reason. They sell memorial bricks to be placed in our memorial garden, sponsor Santa-Pet pictures and use the holiday giving tree located in the lobby behind reception during December.

3. Early drop off or late pick up for pets in our care is possible on a scheduled basis.  Our doors are open at 7 AM and are closed at the end of our work day. Just because we are closed for the day doesn’t mean we are done and cannot accommodate your needs. We frequently admit boarding pets in the middle of the night when a client has an early flight. Also, if you arrive home late but still want to pick up your pet just call and we will make it happen.

4. Here are a couple of our community minded services that you might find interesting. We pick up trash on Holland-Sylvania from Convent to Central at least twice yearly. We have provided dog water fountains at four area location: Wildwood visitors’ center, UT-King Road trail at Richards, Glass City Dog Park and Sylvania Fossil Park. We also sponsor at least three American Red Cross blood drives every year.

American Animal Hospital Association inspection and certification since 1978 indicates we meet the highest standards of the profession in over 900 categories. The state of Ohio rarely inspects any hospital for standards so only the three area practices that are AAHA members can give you the reassurance that your pet is being cared for properly. 

Our 24/7 staffing with a tech and assistant in the building continually and a doctor on call for emergencies is exclusive to SylvaniaVET.  No other area practice is your pet’s full time doctor.  This service means your pet is never alone when it is in SylvaniaVET’s care.

Nutritional Research

The Veterinary Professions Primary Journal, Javma, published a study by Tufts Vet School analyzing commercial dog foods and their marketing claims about skin and coat health.  The results of this study indicated that there was so much variation between different products tested that the claims only served to confuse the consumer during diet selection.  To read the whole study please asks for a copy of Skin and Coat Diets.  The articles conclusion was that owners should contact their veterinarian for good advice on diet selection.  TV advertising is not a good or reliable source for diet information. The internet is not a good source of pet food recommendations as there is not one nutrition science based, authoritative site available. Finally, pet food employees and company demonstrators are not good sources of pet food information. Let’s make it as easy as possible for you. Buy pet food from companies that do nutritional research. There are only five research based companies, Hills, Royal Canin, Iams, Nestle’Purina and Purina checkerboard square.  They all have foods that can meet the needs of almost every pet.

Keeping Our Patients Comfortable

We are always modifying our anesthesia protocols to make them safer and more effective in controlling surgical pain.  To this end we have recently began using local anesthetic injections in female dogs, cat incisions and intratesticular local anesthetic to ease the discomfort during surgical recovery.  This is just another way that SylvaniaVET does all that is possible to provide the best care for every patient.  We continue to use our therapeutic laser to treat incisions from non-growth removal surgery.  This advance care treatment speeds healing while reducing pain and swelling.

Cool Cat Strut

Paws and Whiskers cat shelter is the only no kill cat only shelter in NW Ohio. They will be holding a major fundraiser Friday, October 16. The Cool Cat Strut will be held at St Clement’s Hall from 7-11:30 PM. SylvaniaVET is a presenting sponsor of this very fun event that benefits a great rescue organization. Costumes, dinner, dancing, cash bar, a raffle and more are on tap for the “Strut”. For tickets call 419-536-1914 or go to their website at www.coolcatstrut.com.  We also have an informative post card up front next to the coffee and cookies area in the lobby at SVH. We have a limited number of tickets to the Strut free for the asking. Just stop in and you may request up to 4 free tickets while the supply lasts!

Santa Pet Pictures

We know it is early but please put SylvaniaVET’s Santa-Pet pictures on your holiday calendar for Sunday, December 6 from 12-4. Emily Perry who is one of our technicians and an experienced pet photographer will be taking great digital pictures this year. Look for more details next month and look for the sign-up sheets to appear in late October.  Proceeds from this annual event will be donated to the Memories Live on Animal Foundation.

Coffee Mugs

Breed specific coffee mugs are a great Christmas gift or stocking stuffer. Please stop in and browse our selection and if we do not have the breed you are looking for you can place an order at the front desk. The cost of each mug is $19 + tax.

Redecorating Our Dog Exam Rooms

We are going to redecorate our dog exam rooms and would like to use 8x10 pictures of all our patients. We will mount them high on the walls in each of the four dog rooms. We will provide the frames for each picture. Pets alone or with family members will all be displayed. Color or black and white are all welcome. We will not return the pictures and hope to continuously add to our gallery.  Please bring your picture in a large envelop so it stays pristine.  Because we have the great murals on the cat room walls we will not be hanging cat pictures in the cat exam rooms. However, if you want to bring a cat picture we will find wall space to display them.

Ink for a Donation

If anyone uses HP ink #94 and 95 we have four cartridges available for a donation to the memorial foundation. First come first serve, they are new and in the original unopened package.

Products for Arthritis

Joint sparing and protective products are always our first line of defense when a pet develops arthritis. We know there are many products and many sources for these medications. Over the years we have researched and evaluated many different products many of which contain chondroitin and glucosamine.  The Nutramax company developed a line of C-G products years ago called Cosequin. This product is now sold in pet stores and advertised on TV. When Nutramax took Cosequin to the OTC market they developed a new generation of joint protective called Dasuquin which was a veterinary only product. Recently, they have launched a new and improved product called  Dasuquin Advanced. This product contains all the same ingredients as Dasuquin but added additional ingredients that makes Dasuquin Advanced the most complete joint support supplement available for dogs. Dasuquin Advanced comes in 16 count blister packs which keeps each tablet fresh and maximally effective.

Pet Health Insurance

We highly recommend you consider purchasing pet health insurance for your pets. There are 10 highly rated companies offering a variety of plans, one of which should meet your demands. We have a packet of brochures available for the asking, just stop in.  In England about 25% of the pets are insured and in Sweden over 50% are insured. It is estimated that only 2% of US pets are covered by health insurance.  Having pet health insurance enables you to accept the best care without having to worry about the financial impact. This is best for you pet and you and enables us to provide care that is best for each case.


Orthopedic Capabilities

Our orthopedic capabilities have recently expanded to include fracture repair by external fixation. Dr. John has been studying and attending classes to learn to utilize this less invasive technique of stabilizing broken bones.  We are excited to offer this method which will make fracture repair less invasive with fewer complications than other methods. Doctors Bob, Jen and John do ACL surgery by the lateral suture technique. Between them they have done over 2000 ACL surgeries with great results. Dr. Bob is adept at fracture repair using IM pins and wires when indicated.  With severe high risk fractures we will refer to a board certified orthopedic surgeon. There is no boarded surgeon in NW Ohio, so that means a trip to a referral center, MSU, Blue Pearl, Akron Metro and Ohio State are where we commonly refer.

Info for Our Clients

If you have not liked the SylvaniaVET’s Facebook page we encourage you to do so today.  We update the page regularly with great info and fun pictures. Please encourage your friends to go to our website and register for the FYI. Our research shows that no other area practice communicates as well and as regularly as do we through the FYI For Pet’s Sake.

Jay Barman’s first set of obedience classes at SylvaniaVET has taken off to a rousing success.  Jay is the owner of Bingo dog training and is the director of SylvaniaVET’s Pawsitive dog training program. There will be a variety of classes, including puppy socialization, puppy kindergarten, young and the restless and tricks classes offered every 6 weeks.  The cost of each five week class is $135. The first set of classes was sold out so we encourage you to call well in advance so you do not get closed out of a class of your choice.  You can reach jay at 419-290-4370, or call the office, 419-885-4421 to sign up.  Applications can be downloaded on our website www.sylvaniavet.com.


For radiographs (x-rays) to be diagnostic there usually must be two views of the area being evaluated. For example a limb must have films taken front to back and side to side.  For chest or abdomen AAHA requires three views, each side and on the back. The rare exception is if we are looking for a bladder stone we can usually only take one film to see a stone.  You would be surprised how many referral cases we see where only one, poorly exposed rad was taken. Best medicine is the key to proper diagnosis and treatment and we always practice best medicine.


Canine Flu

MedVet a specialty practice headquartered in Columbus indicated in their most recent newsletter that they have diagnosed and treated multiple cases of Canine Flu throughout Ohio.   All these reports have reinforced our push to protect as many dogs as possible against the H3N8 virus with the hope of some cross protection against the Chicago strain as well. 






Remember to give your pet their monthly preventive medications



Voted BEST VET for eight consecutive years by pet owners in NW Ohio


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