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4801 N. Holland-Sylvania Rd | Sylvania OH 43560
p. 419.885.4421 | f. 419.885.0244 | e. info@sylvaniavet.com

December 2015 FYI For Pet's Sake






Business Donation

Do you have a business that would like to donate a gift or gift card to the giving tree? Please call us at 419-885-4421. Help us raise money for the memorial foundation.

Best of Voting

The deadline for voting in Toledo City Paper’s “Best Of” is December 1 at 5 pm. If you have yet to vote, please take a few minutes to vote SylvaniaVET best vet, best groomer, best daycare/boarding and vote Bingo Dog Training (Jay Barman) best dog trainer. Vote for us at www.toledocitypaper.com.  

GIVING TREE IS LOADED WITH CARDS THAT YOU CAN PURCHASE TO RECEIVE THE ACCOMPANYING PRIZE.  Gold cards will cost $20 and have a value that exceeds the cards cost. Red cards will cost $10 and have a value that will vary but be worth at least $10. Green cards will cost $6 and have a value of at least six dollars. Gold and Red cards will be entered in a new yearly drawing for a special grand prize worth over $100. All money raised will be donated to our Animal Foundation. The grand prize is a dinner for two at an area restaurant, admission to a new comedy club, and limousine transportation for the evening.

For those of you wishing to support our charitable foundation but not buy a Giving Tree tag we offer two other opportunities. We will have a donation jar for you to donate and we will be selling paper giving trees that will be placed on the large holiday drop cloth for $2.00 each.

Photos with Santa

 “It goes back at least 25 years as the event started at the original Monroe Street office long before we moved to the Main Street hospital”’ he said. At the time there were very few area organizations doing this fun event and we were always proud that we took studio quality pictures. Yet, like many good things in life they must to come to an end; and unfortunately that includes SylvaniaVET’s Santa-Pet pictures. Several factors lead to this very difficult decision but the main reason was a dwindling number of pets being signed up. However, if you would like a picture with Santa we encourage you to support Golden Retriever Rescue at their event: Santa Paws. Pictures will be Sunday, December 6th at Rover Come Over, 3945 Albon Road, Monclova, Ohio 11am to 3pm. For more info check out their website http://www.gr-rescue.org/index.html.

Canine Influenza Virus Update

Canine Influenza Virus has been the talk of 2015 for our doctors and dog clients. Starting in March a huge outbreak of CIV occurred in Chicago. Well over 2,000 dogs were affected and dog parks, daycares, grooming and several veterinary hospitals were forced to close for as long as two weeks because of this highly contagious respiratory influenza virus. It was determined that rather than the H3N8 equine origin virus that has been around since 2006 the Chicago outbreak was  a new bird strain, H3N2,  that came from China and Korea. We have aggressively promoted the H3N8 vaccine that has been available for about five years with the hope that there would be some cross immunity against the new strain.  Looking at confirmed cases in Chicago it seemed that all dogs that had the H3N8 vaccine plus other reparatory disease vaccines fared better with few cases and less severe clinical signs. The vaccine manufacturers have stood behind their H3N8 vaccine with a treatment guarantee if a vaccinated dog became ill with the H3N8 canine influenza virus.  Until now that was all that we could do and to this date we have not seen a case of canine influenza. 

Zoetis, the former Pfizer Animal Health, has just released a conditionally FDA licensed vaccine against H3N2 vaccine to accompany their highly regarded H3N8 vaccine. This is a huge step in the right direction in protecting our patients, your dogs, against Canine Influenza Virus.  At this time a new, less wide spread outbreak is occurring in Chicago. This summer an outbreak worse than the Windy Cities occurred in Atlanta. Every state surrounding Ohio has reported cases of both H3N8 and H3N2 this year.  We know of no cases that we have diagnosed of either virus strain in NW Ohio. However, we must be proactive and assume we have been lucky to not have experienced this severe respiratory dog influenza.  To that end we are now recommending that all dogs receive both the H3N2 and H3N8 vaccines. Both are killed vaccines and cannot cause your dog to become ill. Our experience with H3N8 vaccine is that it is well tolerated by dogs with little to no reaction.  The vaccines must be given separately as developing a vaccine that contains both is a much longer project. The FDA saw the urgent need for the new vaccine and gave it a conditional approval.  Dogs that we have already vaccinated against H3N8 will receive a discounted price when it comes in for the two shot H3N2 vaccine. Dogs that have not received H3N8 protection will be given both vaccines at the same visit. Both vaccines must be given a booster shot 3-4 weeks after the first.  The cost of H3N8 or H3N2 when given alone is $22.50 for each injection and booster.  When given together the combo of both H3N8 and H3N2 will cost $37.00. If your dog is up to date on H3N8 and needs only the new H3N2 the cost will be $18.50 for each vaccine.  We continue to require the H3N8 vaccine for all our patients and will eventually require the H3N2 vaccines as well. We encourage you to call and schedule the first of two vaccines for H3N2 and H3N8 if it has not received that vaccine as yet.

Bottom line: new Chicago strain, H3N2, Canine Influenza vaccine is now available and we strongly recommend you start your dog on this vaccine ASAP.  

Marijuana Editorial        

Now that the election is over we are pleased that the first thrust at legalizing marijuana in Ohio failed.  The active ingredient in the plant is basically a drug and it should be regulated and subjected to all the standards of safety and efficacy that the FDA requires of all drugs. There was to be no oversight of this product by appropriate regulatory agencies. The impact of legalization in other states has shown serious problems with the States law, adjacent states law and, the impact on children and pets. Proponents chose to ignore these facts. Every time someone wants to change or bring something new to the Ohio populous they push for a constitutional amendment. The constitution of the State should not be the vehicle by which a group with and agenda by-passes the state government which is our elected representative. Issue 3 was a bad idea for Ohio. Did you know that the organization, I will call it IRRESPONSIBLE OHIO, received a great deal of funding from out of state, this happened in Colorado as well. So, outsiders help fund changing the Ohio constitution. I am offended. Yours truly, Dr. Bob (my comments are mine alone and do not reflect the opinion of other members of SylvaniaVET’s staff).

Dog Training Classes

The next set of our Pawsitive Dog Training provided by Bingo Dog Training is scheduled as follows. Classes fill rapidly because of Jay’s fabulous teaching methods and personality! Classes offered include:

Puppy Pre-School

Get off to the best start with this great foundation and socialization class for puppies 4 months of age or younger. We will help you navigate through the joys of potty training and stopping play biting. We will teach you how to get your puppies to fetch, sit, lay down, stay, leave it, and more. The class will help your puppy start to learn manners like not jumping, shaking hands, and walking on a leash. We will have all the puppies come when called from across the room.

 -Begins January 5th at 7:00pm

-The fee for class is $135 for 5 weekly 60 minute classes.

Family Dog Fundamentals

For dogs older than 5 months of age. The objective of class is to strengthen the relationship that you have with your dog. We will cover sit, down, stay, come, leash walking, leave it, and fetch. We will also discuss specific problem behaviors you may be having such as jumping, digging and more. If you are looking for something to improve your dog's obedience, or looking to get in tune with your dog, or if you just want something fun to do with your dog, then this is a great class for you.

 -Beings January 10th at 2:00pm

-The fee for class is $135 for 5 weekly 60 minute classes.

Fun Doggy Agility

For dogs older than 1 year of age. Dogs must be physically healthy, friendly towards strangers and controllable around other dogs. This class will be a good introduction into the dog sport of agility. The class with focus on getting our dogs familiar with some of the equipment found in agility competitions.

-Begins January 10th at 3:30pm

-The fee for class is $135 for 5 weekly 60 minute classes.

Trick Class

We will teach foundation skill for tricks: luring, timing, cue and reward, targeting, and retrieving. With these foundation skills there will be no limit to what your dog can do. WE will teach the dogs how to wipe their feet, spin, wave, fetch, rollover, take a bow, crawl and more.

-Begins January 10th at 5:00pm

-The fee for class is $135 for 5 weekly 60 minute classes.

If you are interested in participating in any of these classes, stop by our office and ask for a registration form!

In Need of Photos

We still need lots of 8x10 pictures, color or black and white, of your pets. We will be displaying them in each of the exam rooms in hopes of making the wait to see the doctor more fun. We need at least 100 pictures and have less than 10 right now. We will provide the frame, you provide the print!

Annual Wellness Visit

From the first day of vet school it is driven home that the physical exam and history is the corner stone of good medicine, patient care.  We strongly believe that is true and regularly look the whole pet over every time it comes in to visit. Asking opened ended questions helps us learn if there is something worrying each pet parent. Physical exams are done with each annual wellness visit, by a tech at each six month tech visit, at every medical assessment visit and every time your pet spends a few days as our kennel guest.  Our wellness sheets are a take home synopsis of what we saw and discussed at the very important annual visit. All cats and dogs should be seen at least once yearly regardless of age or lifestyle. There are no exceptions to this rule. Going to a vaccine clinic doesn’t count as there is no time for a complete physical and history. You need to schedule a yearly visit at SylvaniaVET in addition to whatever vaccine clinic you used.  Vaccines are not the most critical portion of an adult pet’s life; the thorough physical exam takes first place. We are considering using a product called Pet Wellness Report. Keep a look out for it if we elect to take this step in wellness care.

Feline Oral Disease

Oral mucositis or chronic stomatitis is a severe oral disease of a cat’s mouth.  When it develops the affected cat can be reluctant to eat, drop food from its mouth, vocalized when trying to eat and drool excessively. The exact cause of mucositis is not known but a mutating calici virus is involved in many cases. Once developed treatment is complicated as all the cats teeth must be extracted and immunosuppressive drugs like cyclosporine or prednisolone must be used. Oral mucositis is not common and we have seen cases of varying severity over the years.

Sources for Pet Care Information

Sources for good, non-opinionated and accurate pet care information is difficult to find. Listening to Dr Google does not make you a Yahoo and the ring of Bing is no better. The sites they bring up are not the place to search as to many sites are not science based and are just a litany of opinion and provide unsubstantiated empirical opinions. So where do you go when you want to get accurate science based information. First and foremost call us we will be happy to help. Wellness visits are the time to ask these questions. This is one of the many reasons coming for an annual wellness visit is critical to your pet’s health. Going to a shot clinic is not how to keep your pet in optimal health. Go to www.sylvaniavet.com and check our library which has extensive information on many pet related conditions. Episodes of Better Living are great sources of information and they are all on the website.  Three sights that meet veterinary approval are www.aspca.org/pet-care/animal-poison-control. There is a fee for using this service. Another is www.vet.osu.edu/nssvet  which is a powerful nutrition website. Finally, OSU has good website for feline behavior and enrichment www.indoorpet.osu.edu.

Five Ingested Products that Always Require Inducing Vomiting

1.Anticoagulant rodenticides slow acting if a toxic dose in ingested based on type poison, the amount per size of the pet, it may take 5-7 days for a pet to bleed internally and die of blood loss. Vitamin K for 4-6 weeks is the antidote and severely bleeding animals may require a blood transfusion.  Vomiting must occur within 6 hours of ingestion.

2.Chocolate we have discussed this before but it is never often enough. The toxins in chocolate are the chemicals called methylxanthines, theobromine and caffeine.  The quality and quantity and size of the pet eating the chocolate determine the toxic reaction. Vomiting even more than 6 hours post eating may help as chocolate stays in the stomach long after ingestion.

3.Grapes and raisin ingestion is associated with acute kidney damage to dogs. The toxic dose is not known which means any quantity can be a potential problem. Recently, a 6 lb Yorkie ate 45 raisins. Quick induction of vomiting got all the raisins out and the dog should be fine.

4.Over the counter human pain relievers are the most common toxin ingestion reported to poison control. Each can cause serious to fatal reactions at very low doses to both dogs and cats.

5.Xylitol artificial sweetener as discussed last month is found in many foods and some pet dental additives. Serious blood sugar and liver cell death can occur at very low doses.

EACH OF THESE TOXINS REQUIRES AN EMERGENCY TRIP TO THE HOSPITAL, INDUCTION OF VOMITING AND OTHER TREATMENTS AND HOSPITALIZATION.  There is no great household product that is absolutely safe to give your dog to vomit. Hydrogen peroxide 3% to a dog can be used when you cannot get the dog in quickly. One tsp per 15-20 lbs is appropriate given 2-3.times 10-15 minutes apart. NEVER give it to a cat.


  1. Any acidic or alkaline cleanser- causes damage to mouth and esophagus going in and out.
  2. Batteries – very caustic if chewed and swallowed.
  3. Detergents can be corrosive to mouth and throat.
  4. Hydrocarbons- gas, turpentine and some are mixed with antifreeze.
  5. Antidepressant medications are rapidly absorbed and may cause aspiration risk to the pet.

It should be obvious that these toxins also require hospitalization and aggressive treatment. Do not wait, do not try any home remedy call us immediately and tell us you are on the way.

Information like this should make you very happy that we are your pet’s full time doctor. To be there for you in time of crisis is our mission.

OSU Veterinary Class of 2019

A few facts concerning the OSU veterinary class of 2019 were recently released.  The class has 162 students, 139 females and 23 males. Only 51% of the students, 82, were Ohio residents. Only 215 Ohio residents applied from a total of 1,226 total applicants. The school interviewed 128 Ohio residents and accepted 82. The GPA of the group is 3.69. When we are looking to hire an associate we have trouble getting applicants. We have blamed the reputation of the region but with the school only graduating on average less than one Ohio student per county in the state that makes for a limited Ohio oriented pool. Forty-nine out of state students means nearly half with no Ohio roots.

Benefits of Having a Pet

US surgeon general has stated healthy animal’s equal healthy people in a recent program to promote walking and walkable communities as way to engage more people in regular exercise.  We have said for years that walking the dog is good for both ends of the leash. There are lots of other ways that owning a pet improves the health of everyone in the family. It is known that petting an animal lowers the blood pressure of both the human and the pet. Children with pets in their lives get better grades, are better behaved in school and have higher IQ test scores.  We are proud to be part of the health care team that helps a family live a healthy life style.

Holiday Nuts for Sale

4 Paws Sake, a local rescue is selling cans of holiday nuts. The entire amount money we collect will be given to the organization.

Consider Donating to a Local Rescue

A holiday donation to an area rescue would be greatly appreciated by many of the small and struggling rescues. Ask any of our receptionists for a list of rescues that we work with and that could use your help.









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