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4801 N. Holland-Sylvania Rd | Sylvania OH 43560
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February 2016 FYI For Pet's Sake


An Electronic Newsletter for Pet Lovers Everywhere Published by SylvaniaVet

Remember to Give Your Pet Their Monthly Preventive Medicine



If your dog develops a new cough call and get them in immediately! Please do not wait to see if it will clear. If you have not scheduled your dog for both Canine Influenza Vaccines do so now. All dogs need both strains H3N8 and H3N2.

Mushroom Toxicity

Mushroom intoxication treatment is a real conundrum for our vets. There are thousands of mushrooms in North America and less than 100 are poisonous. That of course is good news but knowing if an ingested mushroom is a toxic variety is nearly impossible. So what to do if your scavenger, curious pooch decides to harvest the mushrooms in your yard, the park or the fields where you hunt or play.  There are liver toxic mushrooms, GI irritant varieties of mushrooms and hallucinogenic mushrooms. Because it is very difficult to ID the type mushroom consumed we feel it is wise to hospitalize for 1-2 days, check blood work and protect the liver and GI tract is dogs with known mushroom ingestion. Death from mushroom toxicity is rare but can occur.


One area of great pride we have at SylvaniaVet is the truly outstanding boarding facility we have for our guests.  The popularity of how we care for our guest dogs and cats can make it difficult to get a reservation. Please plan early for your pet’s stay with us. Equally, if you have a reservation and need to cancel please do as early as possible because we almost always have a waiting list. Let’s list and talk about the many things that make us the best boarding facility in our region.

  1. Boarding is headed by Alicia and her dedicated crew which include Richard, Summer, Melissa, Kandy, Kamaria, Emily and Jessica.
  2. Our ventilation is second to none. We change the air every 12 hours and recover over 75% of the exhausted airs heat or A/C by using an advanced heat exchanger.
  3. Included in the price of daily boarding is at least 4 supervised, individual trips outside to void and get a little exercise, fresh air and sunshine (if the sun is outJ).
  4. Internal air is filtered through heat and charcoal filters during its short time in the facility. The air changes and filters makes our kennel the healthiest it can possibly be.
  5. In the cold weather our floors are warmed with radiant heat. The front 3 feet of each space is toasty warm and cooler at the rear if a dog should get too warm.
  6. Our runs are cleaned twice every day with a power washer and disinfectant, then rinsed and squeegeed dry.
  7. Each dog gets clean bedding daily or more often is necessary.
  8. There is no additional charge to feed a special diet or to give medications.
  9. We offer cool add on services like a video text of your pet while is with us, spruce up, Yoghund Frozen treats and Frosty Paws.
  10. Each dog’s habits for the day are logged and recorded, so we know how it is doing.
  11. If a problem should develop our vets and techs are available 24/7.
  12. Pets are never alone as the hospital is staffed with working team 24/7. There is a kennel walk through about 3 AM each day to be sure all is well.
  13. Guest pets are given a tech physical exam each time they visit with us.
  14. Boarding medical care is also an option for pets with special needs, seizure watch, diabetics, and kidney disease. There is an additional nursing care fee associated with this service.
  15. Early morning or late evening drop off or pickup is available.
  16. Cats are housed separately in cat boarding in their individualized “cataminium”.
  17. Cats get out and exercise each day.
  18. Cats re-brushed and weighed each day.
  19. Cats have a picture window to look out over our beautiful garden.
  20. If you have never visited our kennel, please feel free to stop in and take a tour. You will be amazed at the cleanliness.
  21. We have considered the well being of each pet in our care and have not pandered to the emotion of leaving the family pet behind. We consciously chose to not create “luxury spaces” that offer TV, Webcams and other perks that do nothing to enhance a pet’s safety and health while boarding. A glass door or a barred door is still a door and is there to safely confine the pet when it is on its own.

We are super proud of the great service and caring that our whole staff gives to all our boarding guest. Remember, as a boarding client you are a client of record and can use our afterhours care emergency care even if you vet elsewhere.  (J We will work on becoming your pet’s full time doctor.J)

Attention Pet Owners

On January 30th we found a dog that lives near Sylvania with a tick. This is very early for ticks to appear in our area. The mild winter must be a factor. If you have stopped your flea and tick preventive, we recommend restarting and not stopping. Like heartworm medication, it is best to give flea and tick medications year round!


We are welcoming two externs to our staff for a period of up to two weeks later this month. Long time mentee and former employee Shannon Longenecker will spend two weeks of her senior vet school year externing with us. We are excited to have Shannon bringing her great OSU education to apply to the general practice of veterinary medicine. Shannon’s dad is the well known University of Toledo professor Dr. Clint Longenecker. During Shannon’s last week at SylvaniaVET a Canadian pre-vet student Morgan Errington will spend a week with us.  Morgan in very excited to see and experience veterinary medicine at SylvaniaVet.  Morgan is a sophomore student at Guelph University.

Staying Current on Vet Advances

Doctors Bob and Nicole will be attending the Ohio State annual veterinary meeting later this month. Each will attend 3.5 days of continuing education. Staying current with the rapid advances in veterinary medicine and customer service is essential to the high quality care our practice provides. Recently, Dr. John attended a multiday seminar on fracture repair by using external fixator. This less invasive repair technique has recently been used on a cat’s front leg and another cat’s broken jaw. 


Canine Influenza Virus continues to cause some clients concern for both their dogs and the necessity of the vaccines.  We now have vaccines for the equine strain, H3N8 and the Avian strain (Chicago strain), H3N2. Both are necessary to give complete protection to dogs as possible.  The Chicago strain has spread to now being found in 25 states with serious out breaks in the Windy City and a major explosion in Atlanta. Both strains have been diagnosed in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and Pennsylvania. NW Ohio has been spared but we are an outbreak waiting to happen. As we see dogs for regular wellness visits we will be recommending and ultimately requiring all of our canine patients to be protected against both CIV strains.  The spread of H3N2 to 25 states in six months is a major disease and a major worry.  We know of no human disease that has spread across the country as rapidly as H3N2. All area boarding kennels, day cares, groomers and rescues were invited to an educational seminar sponsored jointly by Zoetis (vaccine manufacturer) and SylvaniaVET.

CIV H3N2 and H3N8 are not known to affect humans or cats. That is very good news in light of the epidemic of CIV infections in many areas of the US dog population.  The human flu virus H1N1 has been found to be contagious to cats. this process is called horizontal transmission.  This is another reason for all humans to get their flu shots. H1N1 is not seen every year but if the US CDC indicates that that strain is likely to affect the population in any given year we must all be aware that that flu strain can affect our pet cats. Aggressive symptomatic treatment is necessary to get affected cats through the flu disease. Many human multivalent vaccines contain a human variation of the dogs H3N2 virus. At this time these strains do not seem to cross species indicating the same name is not a zoonotic virus.  We would recommend that if any family member breaks with signs of the flu this season you isolate your cats and do not closely interact with them.

Encourage all your dog owning friends to get their dog vaccinated against CIV.  Some area practices have been waiting until the disease arrives before vaccinating.  This is a horrible recommendation as it takes at least one month for a dog to be protected. The more dogs that we can get protected in advance of an outbreak the less severe any outbreak will be.  By March 1 we hope to have added a large presentation on our website to help educate all dog owners. If you refer a dog owner to us the first set of shots will be discounted $20 and you will receive a $20 credit on your account.

Not Your Average Veterinary Practice

There are many special recognitions that we have received that help set us apart. Membership, inspection and certification by the American Animal Hospital Association since 1978 is a mark of real pride for our entire team.  AAHA membership means we meet the highest standards of the profession and are inspected every three years.  Another source of pride is our being voted best vet for nine consecutive years in the region by readers of the Toledo City Paper. Only one other area general practice is an AAHA member. Cats are treated special at SylvaniaVET. We are the only gold standard Cat Friendly Practice as recognized by the American Association of Feline Practitioners.  No other area practice meets these standard, including one that claims to be a cat only practice.  Annual cat exams and necessary vaccinations and tests are just as important as is a dog’s annual wellness visit.  Strictly indoor cats need their yearly visit as much as any dog.

Interesting Tidbits

  1. Bats are essential to the environment and there are so many they account for over 25% of all mammals living on earth.
  2. Cats and dogs normal body temperature is 101 degrees +/- 1 degree.
  3. The gestation period of cats, dogs and guinea pigs is 63 days.
  4. Dogs and cats do not sweat; they have no sweat glands.
  5. Dogs have 42 adult teeth and cats have 28. Both have lost all their baby teeth and have all adult teeth by six months of age.
  6. Unless, properly formulated and prepared and handled, a raw diet may be contaminated with pathogens or be nutritionally inadequate.
  7. Salmonella has been found in diets and fecal samples of dogs fed raw chicken diet.


Plans are in the works for us to bring back a popular summer event to SylvaniaVet. A date is being researched to sponsor an outdoor animal fair adoptathon.  This major under taking will be a super fun time for all animal lovers and give area rescues an opportunity to find forever homes for many dogs, cats, puppies and kittens. Keep an eye on the monthly FYI, our website, www.sylvaniavet.com and or TV and radio spots for details. We will be looking for animal related business to bring their goods to the fair as well. All proceeds raised during the event will be donated to the Memories Live on Animal Foundation.  It is not too early to indicate if you or your organization has an interest in participating in our summer event.

Giving Tree

Thank you to all that participated in this seasons Giving Tree.  We raised over $800. This money was donated to the Memories Live on Animal Foundation. We of course want to thank all the local businesses that donated valuable items to be placed on the giving tree. Please let us know if you have any suggestions on how we can make the Giving Tree better.

Pet Photos

The first twenty plus pictures of your dogs and cats have been hung in the hospital and they look great.  We have room for lots more so it certainly is not too late for you to bring an 8X10 color or black and white picture of your pet(s). You may drop of the pictures at the front desk. We will provide the frame.

SVH Taglines

Over the years we have created a variety of hospital tag lines to send the message to the pet owning public for what SylvaniaVet stands.  When looked at together we hope that the pet owning public gets a picture of how special SylvaniaVet brand of best care is.

  • Our Mission Statement- We Are Your Pets Health Care Advocate
  • We Are A 24/7 Pet Care Destination- There Are Almost No Services We Can Provide
  • Pets Are Never Alone at SylvaniaVet
  • We Answer Our Own Phones 24/7
  • We Are Your Pet’s Full Time Doctor
  • Extraordinary Care-Extraordinary Caring
  • Inspected and Certified by The AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association)

GI Parasites

There are five GI parasites common to our practice. Our geographic area is supportive of all five. Hookworms, round worms, whipworms giardia, and coccidia.  We diagnose every one of these in our patients every month.  This list of parasites is the reason that we recommend two yearly fecal checks.  Direct contact with contaminated environment and soil is how these parasites are transmitted to pets. We suggest you bring a fecal to every visit, both wellness and illness. If we do not need to test the sample it can be discarded.  Any dog or cat with vomiting and or diarrhea should always bring a sample.  Both roundworms and hookworms are contagious to humans.  Tapeworms require an intermediate host for transmission to pets. Fleas and rabbits are the most common intermediate host.

Earlier Drop Off Times

If you want to use our Doggie Daycare but need to drop off earlier than 7 am that is not a problem. We just need to know you are coming early so the overnight staff can admit you.  


The heartworm and flea product Sentinel is not what the company and those recommending it would have you believe. Sentinel does a great job protecting against heartworm and internal parasites when it is given monthly, year-round. However, many indicated it is also a flea preventive. Sentinal does nothing to affect or kill adult fleas. It only sterilizes flea eggs making it an environmental product. if you dog take Sentinal it must also take an adult flea product. other products do a better against fleas. Trifexis is fabulous against heartworm and adult fleas. Heartgard Plus and Frontline Plus or Nexgard are better products against heartworm, internal parasites and adult fleas. We rarely recommend Sentinal unless your house has a severe adult flea infestation.


When Zoetis introduced Apoquel as a new treatment for itching is was revolutionary. It worked great with no side effects like the previous alternative, steroids. Then availability problems with limited amounts occurred for the next 18 months. We can now report that shortages, allocations and limited availability are no longer a major worry. That means as allergy season ramps up with spring we should be able to treat as many itchy dogs as needed with Apoquel. Avoiding the side effects of steroids is a real boon to any itchy dog and their family.


If your dog develops a new cough call and get them in immediately! Please do not wait to see if it will clear. If you have not scheduled your dog for both Canine Influenza Vaccines do so now. All dogs need both strains H3N8 and H3N2.




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