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March 2016 FYI For Pet's Sake







If your dog develops a new cough call for an appointment immediately. We need to see all coughing dogs as soon as the cough develops.

Our Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease (CIRD) protocol is the best and most effective way to protect your dog against the most common or severe of the many organisms that cause respiratory illness.  We routinely protect your dog against Adenovirus type 2, canine influenza virus (CIV), both H3N8 and H3N2, Parainfluenza, and Bordetella twice yearly by intranasal and injection. CIRD is a serious disease complex and vaccination is the best way to protect your pet. Dogs that have had the vaccine protocol similar to ours in areas that have already experienced CIV outbreaks fared better with less illness and a quicker recovery with fewer long term side effects than other dogs with less protection.

All of our canine patients need to be protected against canine influenza virus, both strains. Call and schedule the appointment now.

Best of Toledo Results

We are excited to announce that SylvaniaVet again was voted best vet in the recent Toledo City Paper poll. We are proud to be able to display the certificate showing nine consecutive years of being the BEST. In addition to best vet, our groomers Nancy and Theresa were voted BEST Groomers and our dog trainer, Jay Barman of Bingo Dog training was voted second best. Even though we believe our boarding and daycare is the best, we finished second in this category.  The two second places along with continuing to live up to being the best gives us something to work for this year. Thank you all that voted for us.

Heartworm Prevention

Annual blood testing of all dogs for heartworm is recommended by the American Heartworm Society. It is also our recommendation for our canine patients regardless of how regularly preventive medications is given. It is recommended by all veterinary authorities that heartworm and internal parasite protection be given monthly year round.  To maximize the benefit from this annual blood test we use a product called Idexx 4dx plus. In addition to the important heartworm test we test for five tick transmitted diseases.  We use a “chair side” test that gives us results before most annual wellness visits are completed.  Blood testing for feline heartworm is available and advisable to determine if your cat has been exposed. Ask us about doing an antigen-antibody test on your cat at its next wellness visit.

All dogs and cats, yes, even strictly indoor cats, should be on heartworm prevention year round. Based on several studies it is known that over 27% of known heartworm positive cats were strictly indoor pets and had never been outside.  Twelve month round the calendar prevention is the only way one can be sure your pet(s) are fully protected. Newer strains of heartworm are not as quickly susceptible to all monthly medications.  The regular monthly barrage of preventive is necessary to overcome this resistance. In cats the time from exposure to the development of the disease is longer than dogs so knowing when to start and stop is difficult. Studies have shown better client compliance if the monthly meds are given year round. Always give the monthly dose on the same day of each month. we suggest the first when you flip your calendar. We suggest Heartgard plus, Interceptor and Trifexis for dogs and Revolution and Heartgard for cats for cats. We find Revolution to be a much easier way to provide protection for your cat. All puppies and kittens should be started at eight weeks of age and treated monthly for it lifetime.  Positive heartworm dogs can be successfully treated but for cats there is no effective treatment.  As few a 1-2 adult worms can cause severe lung damage. Cats are not as susceptible and cannot transmit the disease as they rarely harbor the microfilaria larva like dogs and other animals. Recently, a penguin was found to have heartworm and microfilaria. The key take home from this message, prevention every month.

It is critical that you give heartworm preventive medications every month, year round, as it takes three months to establish full protection if medication is stopped and restarted.

Review SylvaniaVet

We know that SylvaniaVet has thousands of raving fans that want to shout from the roof top about how great our service and patient care is. We would like to help you spread the word. A personal referral is still the very best way for us to meet new clients. We have referral cards that you may give to family, friends, co-workers. If your referral comes in with your card they get $20 off their first visit and you get a $20 credit on your account.  Research shows that even a person receiving a personal recommendation will go to Facebook, Google plus, Yelp or Angie’s list to check us out. These technological giants influence decisions that consumers make every day. Today 90% of homes have computers or smart phones that give them quick access to opinions of businesses.  To that end we want to massively increase our endorsements and positive reviews on Facebook, Google+ Angie’s List and Yelp. Please take a few minutes to go to these sites and tell the world about SylvaniaVET.  As a side note, should we fall short of your expectations please contact the office before you write a review.  We always appreciate constructive criticism that will enable us to improve. 

Caring for an Open Wound

A few dos and don’ts if your dog or cat is injured and has an open wound. If there is active bleeding and it is spurting there is an artery cut. Apply firm pressure over the wound and call for an emergency appointment. This could be a very short cut or torn nail, a deep cut that is bleeding arterial blood.  Most wounds should not wait until the next day. Bite wounds and punctures can bury hair deep below the skin and create a nasty festering abscess. When cleaning a wound at home do not use peroxide. It can do a lot of damage to tissue cells. What does peroxide do to your hair? The advertising company for Neosporin has done a great job of promoting their product. Unfortunately it is not the best topical antibiotic ointment. The neomycin in Neosporin is very irritating to the skin and muscle cells of an open wound. Mupiricin, Polysporin or Bacitracin is better choices.  In most cases using a tourniquet  is not a good idea.  We do not recommend you use a tourniquet on any wound your pet might receive. REMEMBER, OUR STAFF IS THERE 24/7 TO HELP YOU AND YOUR PET THROUGH A SITUATION JUST LIKE THIS. CALL 419-885-4421 AND WE WILL ANSWER.


Arthritis is an inflammation of any joint. The body responds to injury of a joint by trying to heal it but fails miserably in the long term. Mother Nature is not delicate and deposits large quantities of fibrous tissue and bone to help heal an inflamed joint. It is this osteoarthritis , OA, which makes joints lose range of motion, creak and groan when moved, become thickened and chronically painful. Treatment of OA is multidimensional. Icing a newly injured joint is important to slowing down the inflammatory response.  Restriction of movement to allow for healing is a big step if an injury does not require surgery to repair.  Torn or damaged ligaments must be repaired. Breaks involving a joint must be fixed as soon as possible.  The first medication step is an oral joint protective. As they are not all created equal by any standard we recommend you buy your joint protectives from us as we only stock the best and most effective. There is an injectible joint protective, Adequan that is FDA approved and works very well to increase joint fluid viscosity and slow the damage of injured cartilage. Weight loss is critical. For every extra 10% of body weight over the optimal weight the forces on the joints are increased by 40%. Exercise that keeps the joints moving is important.  At some point, either as immediate pain management or long term for chronic pain the use of approved medications, NSAIDS, will be needed. We recommend and sell Metacam and Rimadyl. There are other medications we will use alone or in combination with NSAIDS. When used properly with proper supervision and testing these products are very effective and safe.  Our rehab tube and under water treadmill with our without therapeutic laser is very helpful for arthritic dogs. As a last resort we can inject an affected joint with steroids which can help but cannot be overused as there are potential serious side effects. Finally, stem cell injections are showing promise in treating arthritis in dogs. Cats also get arthritis, most frequently in the elbows. Most of the products used in dogs have a cat approved alternative.

Taking the Proper Steps

ASAP, Anesthesia Safe As Possible, is our mantra and it is the reason we strongly recommend pre-anesthetic testing of every pet that is scheduled for any anesthesia or sedation procedure.  Our ASAP procedures are extensive and do all that is possible to enable us to put your pet under and have it wake up safely. We check CBC, blood chemistry, ECG and urine to give us a snap shot picture of your pet’s physiology. To prevent vomiting  complications before or after anesthesia or gastric reflux during anesthesia we have started premeditating all our cases with Cerenia. National research has shown this to be a valuable addition to all anesthesia protocols.  All our cases that are being put under receive IV fluids. To make inserting the IV catheter easier and less painful to your pet we apply a topical cream, EMLA, to the skin and the IV site. These two additions to our ASAP protocol show our level of care and caring.  

Check Out Our Dog Trainer

Our trainer, Jay Barman was on Better Living with Charity Freeman early last month.  He did a great job and really enjoyed to opportunity to promote well behaved dogs, SylvaniaVet and Bingo Dog Training.

Community Event

Hires Dental Care is preparing for a fabulous community event to honor and support retired military personnel. Stars Stripes and Smiles will provide free dental care for any former protector of our freedom on Friday May 13 from 8am-4 pm.  SylvaniaVet, as one of our many community support efforts will be an ADMIRAL level supporter of the seventh year of this great event.  If you would like to help contact Erica Emery at Hires Dental Care 419-475-6673. Dr Ric Hires and Dr. Bob played high school football together and are lifelong friends.

Golden Retriever Rescue Event

Golden Retriever Rescue Resources has an exciting fundraiser going on March 10. For more information, visit their website at www.gr-rescue.org.

Please Consider Donating

 SylvaniaVet and the American Red Cross will sponsor a blood drive on Sunday, March 13. If you would like to donate call Amy and sign up for an available time.

Photos of Your Pet

We are still accepting 8x10 photos of your pets that we can display in the exam rooms and halls. Please drop them off at the front desk and we will frame and hang them. Photos can be color or black and white.  Have you taken time to see the daycare dog pictures in the daycare access hallway?

Dangers of Low Cost Spay and Neuter Clinics

“Why low cost spay and neuter clinics are not in your pets best interest” is the topic in a recently published article by a vet that works in one of these clinics.  When given the opportunity to discuss why low cost surgery is not a bargain we open many client’s eyes.  You can access the whole article and see what a doctor working in the field says you sacrifice when your pet is taken to a low cost clinic. In addition to the points she made we would ad that locally if pets are kept overnight they are alone and not observed. Dogs and cats are exposed to a huge number of animals that may or may not transmit contagious diseases. There is no one to answer worries if when you pet goes home it is not acting “right”. As a member of AAHA SylvaniaVET meets the highest standards of the profession and takes every precaution to make your pets surgery safe.  Remember, to do it cheap means corners are cut as surgery done properly entails many expenses.

Pet Insurance

This is a quick reminder that considering pet health insurance is a great idea. We have an envelope with brochures of many of the top rated pet insurance companies. Ask any team member for the packet. We receive nothing when you buy any plan.

Sylvania Business Expo

The Sylvania Business Expo is Saturday March 19 from 9am to 3 pm at Tam-o-Shanter on Sylvania Ave. We will be there with information for pet owners, raffle prizes and swag for you and your pet. Be sure to stop by and if you have a friend that is not yet a SylvaniaVet client bring them along to meet some of our staff.

Danger of Xylitol to Your Pet

Xylitol, the artificial sweetener, which is highly toxic to dogs is being used in an ever increasing number of consumer products. Thanks Sandy for providing the link to a website that stays on top of the use of Xylitol in foods and other goods, all of which could be poisonous to your dog.  We will  highlight a few groups of products that now contain Xylitol; candies, gum, mints, chocolate, peanut and nut butters, toothpaste, medications, power bars, cosmetics and several other. Together there are hundreds of potentially toxic products. To see the whole list, click the link below.



Apoquel is the new dog allergy medication that we have used extensively but have struggled to keep in stock. For over a year the manufacturer has had every veterinary practice in the nation on a strict allocation because of a shortage of supply.  As of recently we now have been removed from the allocation list and should be able to prescribe Apoquel for every dog in need.  Unlike antihistamines which only deal with a very small and almost inconsequential part of the allergy cascade Apoquel targets the key specific site that triggers the itch of dog atopy.  Prednisone (and other steroids) will also treat atopy successfully but with a large number of significant side effects. There are no significant side effect of Apoquel. We compare treatment of allergy with a Apoquel like using a target rife versus the shotgun attack of steroids.  The use of Apoquel to treat allergies of all types is now considered best medicine.








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