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4801 N. Holland-Sylvania Rd | Sylvania OH 43560
p. 419.885.4421 | f. 419.885.0244 | e. info@sylvaniavet.com




Voted best vet for 9 consecutive years and inspected and certified for 38 years



WE COULDN’T WAIT UNTIL AUGUST TO DISCLOSE OUR EXCITING NEWS.  New OSU veterinary graduate, Shannon Longenecker, will become our eighth veterinarian on staff.  Shannon will be married to Westie Westmyer in July and will start her SylvaniaVET career August 3.  Many of you will recognize Dr. Shannon because she has observed and shadowed many times throughout her undergrad schooling at The University of Toledo. She also worked one summer in the boarding department of SylvaniaVET.  Both Shannon and Westie are lifelong area residents and are excited to be making their first home in Toledo. Westie is a med student at UTMC and plans to stay in the area to do his residency.

ADOPT-A-THON MONTH IS HERE. Our grand event to celebrate pets and find forever homes for both dogs and cats is July 31, 2016.  This event will take place from 11am - 4pm at SylvaniaVET.  The adopt-a-thon festival is brought to you by the Memories Live On Foundation and is sponsored by SylvaniaVET and Zoetis.  In addition to 14+ committed rescues, we have an assortment of entertainment planned for throughout the day.  There will be games and activities for both kids and dogs. The food variety for the day will include: Snappy Chappy hot dogs and brats, Deets BBQ and hamburgers, Vito's big-slice pizza, cotton candy, popcorn, snowcones, and ice-cream.  Many vendors will be selling their products and crafts.  In the past, dunking Dr. Bob in the dunk-tank has been a highlight of this event.  With that being said, this year other doctors have volunteered to join the fun!  The adopt-a-thon will be a true celebration of the animal-human bond!  Your dog is (of course) welcome but must be on a leash.  Parking for this event will be at most locations near SylvaniaVET, but not on the property due to all of the space needed for fun! Emergency care will still be available should your pet be in need. If you would like to help with this event give us a call at 419-885-4421 and ask for Julianna.

JOHNNY APPLESEED SPREAD THE GOOD HEALTH OF APPLES THROUGHOUT THE MIDWEST.  We are looking for our own crew of Johnny or Janny Appleseeds to spread the word about the good pet health provided at SylvaniaVET.  To become a raving fan of SylvaniaVET all you need is to carry our referral cards had give them away freely to pet owning friends. You can spread the seeds of superior care throughout your work and neighborhood. We will be grateful for the referral and thank you by putting a $20 credit onto your account for each referral when that person comes in for a visit.

Another way to help us grow is to write a review on Google+ and Yahoo about your most recent experience at SylvaniaVET. Social media posts about our excellent care and caring is extremely helpful to us. On the reverse side, should your visit fall short of your expectations please call and talk directly to Stefanie or Dr. Bob before going public. We learn and grow from our short-comings and ask you to not be shy about sharing your experience. We will do all that we can to make it right. At SylvaniaVET customer service is our number one priority.

ON YOUR NEXT VISIT YOU WILL BE GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY TO TAKE A SHORT ELECTRONIC SURVEY ON THE SURVEY MONKEY WEBSITE.  The survey is designed to help us learn how we might make our scheduled appointments easier for you. We intend to expand our availability but want to do so efficiently.

TWO NEW PRODUCTS ARE TAKING OFF LIKE A JET RUSHING DOWN THE RUNWAY. Both products, IL31 monoclonal antibody allergy shot and Sileo noise aversion gel are proving to be game changers in their disease categories respectively. Dogs with generalized environmental allergies are eligible to be treated with the most modern treatment modality, IL31 monoclonal antibody. The injection attacks the trigger molecule, IL31, that leads to the development of highly itchy allergic reactions. Proactive prevention is better than any after-the-fact-treatment.  As there is no one pathway to an allergic reaction, supplemental treatment may still be needed and is okay with IL31. Injections of IL31 are given monthly on a demand basis from 1-2 months, up to year round. SylvaniaVET was selected as one of two area practices to launch IL31. There are no significant known side effects when IL31 is given. SILEO is an oral gel that can be used to help a dog that has noise aversion behavior in reaction to storms and fireworks. The gel is placed between the cheeks and gums so that the oral tissues can absorb the dexdomator active ingredient. The affects of Sileo start 15-20 minutes after administration and lasts for up to 3 hours. The gel can be given up to 4 times per day. We will be trying Sileo on other short term fear conditions of dogs. Ask any of our doctors about Sileo.

WE ARE STILL ACCEPTING 8x10 PHOTOS OF YOUR PETS. Color or black and white are great and will be hung in our exam rooms. The photos we have received to date are great and clients love seeing other pets. We provide the frame; you provide the picture.

 WE ARE EXCITED TO WELCOME ERICA KWIATKOWSKI BACK TO OUR GROOMING DEPARTMENT FOR THE SUMMER. In the fall Erica will return to Penta County School as a grooming instructor. We are continuing to work on obtaining a full-time, permanent pet-stylist to assist our hard working, award winning, Nancy.

SYLVANIAVET IS BEST VET ACCORDING TO POLLS CONDUCTED BY TOLEDO PARENT AND MATURE LIVING.  Added to our ‘best vet’ by Toledo City Paper gives us the trifecta of ‘best vet’ voting for 2015-2016 and we are proud. This means that all adult age groups (from parents to City Paper readers, to seniors in our community) consider SylvaniaVET the best.  Living up to these lofty standards is not a burden for our committed and caring staff, but it is an incentive to exceed this year’s standards and continue to do better. Being considered the best is not by luck or happenstance, it is the full commitment by our entire staff. Tell your friends you take your pet to the best vet and that they should as well.

USING A LITTER BOX IS NATURAL FOR A CAT JUST AS USING A TOILET IS FOR US. There is little that is more frustrating than dealing with a cat that is not using its litter box. There are a few tricks that can help encourage your cat to never choose a place to void other than its box. Ignore the advertising hype about odor control and odor neutralizing litters. Many have scents that can actually drive a cat away from the box. Cleanliness is next to godliness is an old saying and cats truly believe this. A cats sense of smell is 10x better than ours is as humans so a dirty box smell will tell a cat to look elsewhere. In the wild a cat considers about 10,000 sq. ft. its territory. They do not go to the same spot to potty. Litter boxes must be big enough for the cat to easily turn around. It must also be low enough for your cat to easily get in and out. It must be in a quiet, easy to get to, location.  No specific litter is best for all cats. You can and should try other litters that encourage your feline family member to use its potty box. Finally, the rule of thumb is one box per cat plus one extra. They need to be located around the house to provide easy access. This is very true in multi-cat homes. It is important to recognize that a cat with urinary tract disease may also begin voiding outside the box. Medical issues must be addressed first before behavior and litter changes are made.

DOG FRIENDLY CITIES WERE RECENTLY LISTED IN LUCKY PUPPY MAGAZINE. The top two couldn’t be more different but are considered the best dog towns. San Francisco, CA and Ashville, NC top the list. The next seven are Austin, TX; Boulder, CO; Cyrstal City, VA; Ithaca, NY; Miami Beach, FL; San Diego, CA; and Santa Fe, NM.  These locations hold many dogs, an open mind to all breeds of dogs, available space for dogs to run both on and off leashes, and businesses (including restaurants) that permit dogs to enter.

WE WOULD LIKE TO CONGRATULATE SEVERAL OF OUR EMPLOYEES THAT HAVE HAD/WILL HAVE MILESTONES.  Mariah, a doctor’s assistant, has left us to go to grad school at The University of Toledo. Her ultimate goal is to attend vet school. Emily, our fabulous daytime treatment technician, will be leaving on maternity leave in the next few months.  Our stellar front desk manager, Amy, is pregnant and will be on maternity leave starting in November. Julianna, another smiling receptionist is due to have her first baby.  Ginny, a doctor’s assistant, will be leaving in August to attend vet school at Auburn University. Overnight assistant, Emily, will be leaving as she has completed her STNA training and will of course be following that career path. Life changing milestones are the main reason employees leave SylvaniaVET. Reversing this trend is Liz who left us for a short while and is now back as a doctor’s assistant and we are glad!  The previously highlighted Erica is a great return to our grooming department as well!

AT 9 PM LAST MONTH A BOARDING TEAMMATE NAMED SUMMER NOTICED THAT CHEVIE WAS NOT ACTING RIGHT.  She immediately brought Chevie’s condition to the attention of our overnight technician, Val. A quick assessment and x-rays determined that Chevie had a gastric torsion (stomach twisted on itself) and would need surgery. Dr. Ray and Dr. John immediately came to Chevie’s rescue. They performed emergency surgery that saved her life.  The following was posted on Linked in - Our staff knows our boarding guests so when Chevie was not herself they knew something was wrong. They quickly turfed her to the hospital where it was determined she had a gastric torsion. This was at 9pm. She was rushed to surgery and her twisted stomach was corrected and tacked to prevent a future reoccurrence.  This had happened overnight, most kennels are closed and animals are alone at 9pm.  Our 24/7 staff found it and the on-call doctor was called in. Cases like this are why you need to know that when your pet is boarded that they are never alone. SylvaniaVET is the only area general practice and boarding facility that is staffed 24/7/365.

No other general vet hospital or boarding kennel is staffed 24/7 like SylvaniaVET. This commitment to superior care and caring is what our clients have come to expect and we will never let you down. Cases like Chevie’s are why a patient or boarding guest should never be left unsupervised.

As a side note we recommend all deep chested dogs have a stomach tacking called a gastropexy.  Ask a doctor on your next visit if your dog is a candidate for a gastropexy.

MANY PET FOOD COMPANIES USE PHRASES THAT HAVE NO MEANING FOR PET FOOD STANDARDS.  “Holistic, premium, super-premium” are strictly marketing terms and have no legal definition. Ancestral, evolutionary, and any reference in ads to wolves or wild cats have no relevance to our domesticated pets. Biologically appropriate, healthy, active, performance sensitive, and human-grade are used regardless of cost or quality of ingredients. A diet labeled high protein, or reduced calorie, can only be compared to the same company’s food line. To be labeled “low-fat”, the diet must contain less than the maximum fat content as stipulated by AAFCO. Organic foods must have the USDA organic seal to be sold as such.  Unless an internet sight has science based data one should not pay attention to the random opinions posted on many sites. AAHA, National Resource Council, and AAFCO can give you science based information. Our simplest recommendation is to buy foods from companies that do nutritional research. These companies include: Hills, Royal Canin, Iams, Nestle’-Purina.

DATA FROM THE MORRIS ANIMAL FOUNDATION GOLDEN RETRIEVER LIFETIME STUDY ARE JUST BEING RELEASED. The study was launched in 2012 and enrolment ended in March 2015 with 3,044 dogs aged less than two years. The study showed that in the short time of the study there have been 20 cases of cancer. Another conclusion in the early results is that older age spay-neuter is protective against a dog being overweight.  The more we learn about early age spay-neuter the more one should consider waiting for full sexual and physical maturity before your pet has the surgery. If you are adopting a rescue dog you should consider this information as part of your decision making process.





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