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Remember to give your pet its monthly heartworm, flea, and tick medication.


SILEO, THE NEW NOISE PHOBIA AND FEAR REDUCING GEL, IS GETTING RAVING REVIEWS.  In order to maximize Sileo's effectiveness, follow these guidelines -- 1) Sileo must be placed between the cheek and gum as far back as you can get the applicator. It will begin to work in 20 minutes and will last up to 3 hours. It can be given up to 4 times daily but never more than every 2 hours.  2) When dialing the proper dose, it is labeled in dots; you must lock the dial by twisting it clockwise until it locks in/stops. Failure to do so could cause you to give the dog a full syringe.  3) For a dog that stresses coming to the office and showing signs of fear or anxiety, Sileo may help make for a better visit.  Pick up a syringe of Sileo before your fearful dog visits next!

THE MEMORIES LIVE ON ADOPT-A-THON WAS A SUCCESS!  We saw a vast amount of people/children and furry family members join in the festivities.  All of your help made it possible for 8 animals to find forever homes THAT DAY as well as a plethora of applications to be reviewed by the rescues later that week! Over $1,900 was raised for the Memories Live On Foundation which will be used to help area rescues, provide a scholarship to an OSU vet student, and support our Good Samaritan fund!  A huge thank you goes out to all that came and of course thanks to our dedicated employees that gave freely of their time to support the Foundation. One interesting fact is that no other area event has brought together as many rescues in one event on one day.  SylvaniaVET was proud to support and host the adopt-a-thon festival. If you have comments feel free to send them to drbob@sylvaniavet.com.

WE HAVE ADDED 3 1/2 HOURS TO OUR AVAILABLE WEEKLY REGULAR APPOINTMENT SCHEDULE.  We will begin seeing doctor appointments at 7:30am Monday through Friday.  In the future we will be making additions to our regular and emergency schedule.  We will announce each change in the FYI. Making superior pet care more easily available to our clients is just one small factor that makes SylvaniaVET the best.  Please tell your friends about SylvaniaVET; you will be rewarded.

STEROIDS (CORTISONE) ARE A POTENT MEDICATION WITH BENEFITS AND MANY SIDE EFFECTS.  We have talked repeatedly that a dog with allergies may show no response or poor response to antihistamines. When this is the case, we had few options other than pulling out the steroid bottle. Our dosing methods are designed to limit the short and long term effects of steroid use but nothing we could do would make them perfectly safe. A drug called cyclosporine is recommended for allergy relief. Unfortunately, it takes many days to a couple of weeks to reach maximum efficacy and is quite expensive. We find cyclosporine to be of limited use. We will still use cortisone tablets to treat allergies but want you to know that there are safer options. Apoquel and IL 31 monoclonal antibody have taken allergy treatment to the safest level. These have become our default recommendations for treating acute inflammation and allergy.  As promised last month we are publishing the list of short and long term side effects of steroids.  As a side note, we do not give long lasting steroid shots to a dog with allergies. Depomedrol and Betamethasone are a no-no at SylvaniaVET when it comes to dogs and steroids for allergies.   See the chart below to learn more about steroid side effects.

THE AFFECTS OF SMOKING AND SECOND HAND SMOKE ARE WELL RESEARCHED AND DOCUMENTED. In spite of the facts, smoking tobacco continues worldwide. If package warnings about health hazards associated with tobacco smoke are not enough to encourage you to stop, perhaps the affects your addictive habit has on your pet will help. Research at the University of Glasgow has found a higher risk of health problems in pets living with owners who smoke. Pets that live in homes with smokers can have increased weight gain after castration and on-going cell damage --which can lead to certain cancers. Cats are at greater risk because of their heavy grooming and the ingestion of smoke particulates.  The impact of smoking on your pet should give you incentive to completely quit smoking.

A QUOTE FROM AN EMPLOYEE OF A CANADIAN AAHA ACCREDITED HOSPITAL NICELY SUMMERIZES WHY WE HOPE YOU USE SYLVANIAVET AS YOUR PETS FULL TIME DOCTOR. AAHA membership, “it’s a big reason I think our clients choose us as a hospital. We let them know it is a choice to be accredited through AAHA. That means every team member working in the hospital made a choice to live up to these standards of practice.”  We hope that this quote speaks to you as much as it did to us. SylvaniaVET being AAHA accredited should make it easy to refer your pet owning family, friends, and co-workers to SylvaniaVET. Right now the State of Ohio does not inspect veterinary hospitals for even the most basic of standards. SylvaniaVET and all other AAHA accredited hospitals are inspected every 3 years. 

CAT OBESITY FREQUENTLY ACCOMPANIES THE STRESS INDUCED FELINE INTERSTITIAL CYSTITIS (FIC).  The dietary recommendation for FIC is Hills C/D multi stress. Unfortunately the C/D food can make it difficult to reduce the obesity.  A new diet from Hills combines the weight loss benefit of Metabolic Diet with the components of the multi stress diet.

OVER HALF OF PET DOGS AND CATS WERE FOUND TO BE OVERWEIGHT IN 2015 BY THE ASSOCIATION FOR PET OBESITY PREVENTION.  On our wellness report cards there is a section associated with our assessment of your pet’s body condition. We use a scale of 1-5 with 3 being what we consider ideal.  To make this arbitrary determination we use three guidelines – 1) the ease with which we can feel spine and ribs, 2) how much body fat can we grab over the ribs, and finally, 3) standing at the pets head and looking toward its rear to see if we can see a waist line. We can also make a more precise determination by doing a series of measurements designed to identify the percentage of body fat. Calorie intake is the key determinate of a successful diet. Don’t get us wrong, exercise is important to keep an elevated metabolism, but exercise does not burn enough calories to truly affect the rate of weight loss.  To learn more you can go to www.petobesityprevention.org.

LEPTOSPIROSIS IS A BACTERIA-LIKE DISEASE THAT CAN AFFECT ALL MAMMALS. Lepto (for short) is also contagious to humans, making it a zoonotic disease. Our region is considered endemic for Lepto which means that it is widespread and prevalent in NW Ohio and SE Michigan.  There are many strains of Lepto but four are most common. As far back as 1970 the basic vaccine for dogs was called DHL (Distemper, Hepatitis and Lepto). This vaccine contained two strains of the organism. About 15 years ago two new strains were added to the bacterin vaccine. A bacterin is a killed from of the offending organism that stimulates antibody protection when properly administered. We have followed the recommendation of the state animal health labs and have given Lepto as part of our core vaccine protocol. Most area practices give the four strain vaccine yearly, as do we. The vaccine is safe and if the proper manufacturer is chosen, it is very close to reaction free. Any mammal can spread Lepto [in their waste] with deer and other small mammals being the primary vectors. Any dog can be exposed and develop the disease which affects kidneys, liver, and blood. It is not just outdoor or hunting dogs that are at risk. Our first case was an elderly Poodle that lived in Ottawa Hills. A recent 8 year study showed significant positive tests in Huskies, German Shepherds, Yorkies, Chihuahuas, Dachshunds, and Cocker Spaniels. We recommend all dogs receive the Lepto vaccine and receive yearly boosters.

JUST A QUICK REMINDER ABOUT CANINE INFLUENZA VIRUS.  All dogs need the two strains, H3N8 and H3N2, to be fully protected. We recently encountered an area practice that was giving the H3N8 vaccine, but only once, not twice, which is required for immunity. They then began giving H3N2 but stopped H3N8 thinking that the new vaccine, H3N2 replaced the H3N8. Both H3N8 and H3N2 are different strains and both must be given for full protection. CIV is a devastating disease and it is important that all dogs are protected.

ALLERGY SEASON IS UPON US AND WE ARE SEEING LOTS OF ITCHY DOGS. Remember, 90% or more of seasonal dogs allergies are cause by allergens in the environment, not food. A diet change in most cases will not help and will only delay proper treatment. Likewise, antihistamines are rarely effective so don’t waste time at the expense of your dogs discomfort by trying one or two of the many antihistamines available. The nature of canine allergy is like eczema in humans and requires anti-inflammatory drugs to control the itching. The introduction of Apoquel and IL 31 monoclonal antibody has changed for the better how we can treat canine allergy. Both of these new and innovative products are safe and free of serious side effects. Previously we had to resort to cortisone to control the itch of seasonal allergy. Effective steroids have many unpleasant and potentially serious side effects. (See chart previously posted above).

OVER THE NEXT YEAR WE WILL BE CONVERTING DOGS THAT HAVE BEEN TAKING NEXGARD, FRONTLINE, AND OTHER FLEA AND TICK PRODUCTS TO SIMPARICA.  The reason we are doing this is that Zoetis has invented a better mousetrap. Simparica is labeled for more ticks but most importantly the kill time, once given to a dog, is much faster and lasts longer at the fully effective level. The speed of action is important as many of the tick transmitted diseases can be transmitted to the tick infested dog within a few hours. Tick transmitted diseases like Lyme disease, as well as others, are found in NW Ohio.  Due to this, Simparica is great for your dog.  You may ask – ‘what’s in it for me?’ Simparica is less expensive than either Nexgard or Frontline; so we have a win-win situation.  Simparica is a tasty, chewable pill that most dogs love. In addition to a lower starting price there are also rebates on Simparica... another win for you!

Heartgard plus has been our go to heartworm preventive for decades. It is a great product for heartworm prevention and helps in controlling roundworms and hookworms in dogs.  We will continue to stock Heartgard but will be recommending Interceptor as our go to heartworm preventive. The reasons for this radical change are two recent events. We reviewed fecal sample results and found an increasing number of cases of intestinal whipworms. Heartgard plus does not help to treat or control whipworm.  Interceptor treats and controls whipworm.  Interceptor was recently reformulated into a chicken-based chewable pill. Other products, such as Trifexis, contain the Interceptor active ingredient. We do indeed carry Trifexis, but are seeing decreasing sales due to poor palatability and GI signs in more than a few patients. Sentinel contains the same heartworm medication as Interceptor but we are no longer carrying Sentinel. Sentinel’s advertising is deceptive by leading pet owners to think they are giving their dog adult flea control which they are not. For this reason we will not support the manufacturer by selling their product.

We will announce each change in the FYI. Making superior pet care more easily available to our clients is just one small factor that makes SylvaniaVET the best. Please tell your friends about SylvaniaVET, you will be rewarded.


Can you believe summer is already over?!





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